Friday, July 19, 2013

Short, Not Entirely Sweet

Okay. Owen spent the night due to a long-story's worth of events and all is well and he is a great sleeping buddy, never even moving all night long on the magically comfortable bed and he's still asleep and I need to shower and pack and the people who bought the Airstream are coming at ten and my face looks like a battle zone due to the dermatological crap I'm putting on it and it's almost to the point where small children are going to take one look at me and scream and run, and not just Waylon, either.

But. You know.
I'm feeling cheerful and excited about the little trip with my husband and we're staying at the Gibson Inn and I'll be sending blogettes from the road.

I think that's about it.

I have a LOT more to say but no time. I WILL say that pRick Scott, our governor, is refusing to call a special session to repeal Stand Your Ground but he has offered to make Sunday a day of prayer.
Fuck him, fuck him, fuck him.

Happy Friday, y'all.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Like Sunday wasn't already a day of prayer? Well, for some people anyway. Have fun and I think I would have preferred the freezing the shit off my face to the expensive ointment that takes six months to work.

  2. Yay! A weekend away with one of your favorite guys is such a lovely notion. Soak it up!
    I love the chickens at the watermelon party.
    There is nothing sweeter than sleeping next to a slumbering baby.
    Have a beautiful weekend Mistress Moon.

  3. my teacher action group shared video of kids as young as nine staging a sit-in in the capitol building last night- as of right now i think they are still there.


  4. I too love your new header picture. Those chickens look so excited about there sweet treat! Have a wonderful, relaxing time. I am glad you got to be with your Owen last night. I hope it doesn't mean someone was sick but just like he was going to miss you too much if he didn't see you before you left or something like thst. Sweet Jo

  5. Your governor is a horse's ass.

    BTW, I effing love the photo of the watermelons and the chickens. Our girls LOVE watermelon.

    Have a safe trip, even if you have to wear a bag over your head. I'm using concealer on my facial 'sun damage'. it's works until I sweat it off. Aging is a long humiliating process.

    XXXXXX Beth

  6. OH the photo of the chickens and watermelons! Incredible!

    Fuck him, the prick, indeed. Bastard. I'll be praying, Sunday, alright, for the diminishment of him and his ilk.

  7. Happy Friday to you as well! Hope you have a good time. Oh and love the picture of your chickens! How many do you have?

  8. Rick Scott....could not agree more with what you said about him.

  9. Your guv is pretty bad. He and SC Guv. and GA's guv should get together--in fact, all these southern guvs should get together and find their own island where they can have things like praying all day, carrying guns, and standing ground.

  10. Yes. Fuck him running.

    Hope ya'll have fun.



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