Saturday, July 13, 2013

Surprise, Surprise. It's Raining Again

I believe I may have been bitten by a vampire. Nothing else can explain my reaction to every morning's drizzle and gray which is, "Yay! The sun is not shining!"
Well, okay, it's a little more restrained than that. More like, "Another rainy day. Nice."

I don't understand this. I have no idea what's going on in my brain which usually craves light. Is this a sign of depression? A recognition and appreciation of the outside environment mirroring the internal? I have no idea but it's the truth.

So good morning from Lloyd, Florida where yes, it's gray and drizzling and I slept like the dead and if I dreamed I do not remember any of it. I have absolutely no plans for the day beyond possibly eating leftovers for dinner tonight.
I am not sure this is healthy. Not the leftovers, they're fine. Just the lack of motivation and desire to do anything.

Well, la-di-dah. Whatever it is going on, I have plenty of books to read. And leftovers.

Here's a picture of the boys from Thursday before my brain went kaflooey.

They are sharing water and washing dishes and creating a river on the floor and had to change clothes after this activity. I'm exhausted just remembering it. 

I'll let you know if anything exciting happens around here. Don't hold your breath.

Love...Ms. Moon, Mistress Of The Dark 


  1. Sometimes being is enough work for one day...

  2. Dear Mistress of the Dark,
    Enjoy your gray day with no plans.
    May it bring you peace and clarity.

  3. I love when it rains too. it gives me permission to stay in and just be. the rain patter soothes my jangled edges. sometimes, a bright blue sunny day feels like a tryanny. I wish it were raining here, today. enjoy your rain and your reading. i might just knock on your door and curl up in the chair next to you. we wouldn't even have to speak.

  4. The tyranny of blue skies in Los Angeles has descended again. I love the image of you as a Mistress of the Dark, listening to Keith Richards and making pancakes.

  5. Meanwhile, we're enjoying another sunlit blue sky kind of day. It's weird. Maybe we've exchanged weather patterns?

    Leftovers rule the world.

  6. I am enjoying these rainy days. They are quiet and peaceful. And the rain falling has been great for the flowers and vegetables plants.

  7. It's gray here in Margaritaville too. But no rain. Just fog and layer of dryer lint for a sky. Rain is an exciting thing here in So Cal. You know, people cancel plans when it rains like it's a blizzard or something. So enjoy your day, MOD. Ya know, I think KR looks a tad bit like a vampire....

  8. It feels like something with weather all over the place might be impacting our beings. I have a party I have to attend tonight and I would give anything to stay home and read and sleep. I'm not sure that is healthy either and as much as part of my mind wishes to be super productive, the other part of my mind and body feels like a slug. Even if it stormed today I don't think I'd have much of an excuse - the party is a block away from my home... Enjoy your solitude. Sweet Jo

  9. Sounds to me like your brains having some welcome time out. Give in to it :)

  10. Gray days are restful and peaceful once in awhile. It doesn't necessarily mean you're depressed if you enjoy one once in awhile. Settle in with a good book, a cold or hot drink, put your feet up and enjoy!

  11. I'm with Hank on this one.




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