Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Blah blah

Speaking of rain it's raining again, gentle, sweetness. Of course this means I'm not taking a walk but I have to take the trash and I will. Trash WILL pile up, even if you compost and feed chickens the more tasty scraps and watermelon rinds and so forth. Also, "trash" includes recycles, plastic, tin, glass, paper and all of that must be hauled down the road and put into its proper containers which is no big deal and I'm grateful as hell that I have these options, even here in little ol' backward Jefferson County. I swear to you, I think they use prisoner labor to sort and deal with these things. I suppose that's not a horrible option. I don't know. The people who work at our trash and recycle depot vary. I haven't seen the old racist bastard lately or, actually, for a long time. Last time I went there was a young man who didn't bother to come out of the little shed where there's a TV and an AC. He had the door open and was working his phone. He didn't even look up but I don't mind. It's a little disconcerting to me when one of the people who works there comes out and offers to help me with my trash, especially if it's the lady who is about half my height and may well be older than I am. Is this sexism and ageism? Perhaps. Still, it makes me feel odd. Not like I'm wearing heels and pearls down there and to my mind, I look perfectly capable of putting my own stuff in the right places.

I am feeling so much better today, so much more myself that I am actually sort of thinking about going shopping to buy shit. I know- how unusual, Ms. Moon. Oh well. I want a new lamp to go beside the bed and I never did get a new bedspread and maybe I will do that. I don't know.

So. Google Reader is indeed dead. I've taken it off my bookmarks toolbar. Gone. I'm doing okay with Feedly. I sometimes inadvertently click the wrong place which marks my entire feed read but I can still figure it out. RIP, Google Reader. You were a good and faithful friend.

I just finished my smoothie. It did not contain fingernails nor a llama nor a human nor wood. Or tomatoes, either. I think I need to make some bread today. I am thinking that with all of my tomatoes I could make some lovely bruschetta. My eggplants are starting to form beautiful purple globes. I am so grateful to the Italians for learning to combine tomatoes and eggplants and basil and garlic and so forth. I pulled the squash up the other day. It was done. Bless its heart. Now I wish my cucumbers would do something. And my beans. And if my zinnias start to take off, I will be a truly happy person. I told Jessie something the other day which is so very true which is that in all my years of gardening, I have never crossed the line from ignorant weed-puller to true gardener. I've never made a science of it, I've never really figured it out. I am too casual about it. And I never did plant the okra.

So good morning. The rain seems to be winding down. Perhaps I will get a walk after all. I think I've drunk too much coffee. There's nothing on Facebook that's going to change my life. I might as well get out and do something although it's so tempting to just stay here in my beloved house and open the doors and let the outside in and breathe along with the trees.

We shall see.

Good morning.


  1. It's all good, at least for today.

  2. Good lord, the downfall of google reader really put a dampener on my morning. I shouldn't have left the transition to the last minute (typical me).

    I also feel that we are the same as you with gardening ... we just kind of do it? No idea what we're doing but it works more often than not.

    Enjoy your walk if you make it! It has been raining here too for what seems like months. I'm guessing it is a lot more welcome over there though!

  3. I've taken to shaking my booty to Zumba because I can't tolerate the heat. I walk I block and I start to wilt.

  4. Elizabeth- Yes. Exactly.

    Wayne- We're getting a LOT of rain. It's rather nice.

    Bethany- I love it when you read me.

    Nancy- I think about "hot yoga" and I'm baffled. Just go take a damn walk!


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