Monday, July 15, 2013

Love, Marriage, Civil Rights. A Typical Monday From Lloyd

This has been a day of such incredible ups and downs. Not like bi-polar ups and downs. I haven't bought a whole new wardrobe nor have I felt suicidal. Just...real-life stuff.
And I can't really write about all of it now but let me just say that a very sweet, good thing happened today involving two people whom I love with all of my heart and soul. Something that would not have been possible even a few years ago.
More later, hopefully. But believe me- there is great reason to celebrate love.

On the downside, I listened today to Diane Rehm's show while on my walk and it was all about the Trayvon Martin case and according to the legal experts, the jury did indeed hand down a correct verdict based on the laws and statutes of Florida and all that means to me is that Florida is one fucked-up state when it comes to law and statutes and I already knew that and I despaired and I do despair and by god, if every Virgin and Madonna image in my house suddenly started crying blood-tears, I would not be surprised. I would wipe them up like I wipe up the yogurt from Gibson's mouth and get on with my business and think, yes, you understand. 

And in the midst of all of this, I did wipe yogurt from Gibson's mouth and I got so many hugs and kisses, even from Owen who threw himself into my arms a few times and laid like a baby across my lap and loved me. A blessing and a gift from that boy.

One of those days where I am thinking of childbirth and the part where the baby's head comes down to the mother's perineum during pushes and then, between them, disappears and the mother despairs (that word again) and says, "Where did it GO?" One step forward, two steps back.

And eventually- life in all of its screaming reality.

That's all for now.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. After a friend (black, male) of my daughter's was shot and killed at a party, I had a conversation with the mother of another African American boy. She said that when her son was born, she thought, Oh--a boy--I hope he makes it.
    R. I. P., Trayvon

  2. I hope I can experience giving birth someday. You make it sound so magical.

    The other day, I was complaining that I couldn't stand Diane Rehm's voice. Then someone told me she had some kind of throat cancer. Then, I felt like an asshole.

    A day in the life. :)

  3. Denise- And there is no way that this sort of thing is acceptable. Every baby should be afforded what every other baby is. I mean that is it. I am DONE with any other way to think about it.

    SJ- Not a cancer. She has spasmodic dysphonia. But still a very serious thing.

  4. Sigh. Yes, that stand your ground law is pretty fucked up if this is the result. I shudder to think of the flood gate of crime this verdict could initiate.

    SJ-- I had the same reaction to Diane's voice!! And I also felt like an asshole when I found out... I'm pretty sure we're not though.:)

  5. well, I'm not so sure. I read something today in Florida's statute of laws that said if a person initiates an encounter they cannot claim self-defense. but I guess that's only pertinent if you are black. white people can do whatever the fuck they want.

  6. It shocked me, that's all I know, I was watching when the jury came in, so sure that some semblance of justice would be served and it wouldn't be enough but it would be something and then came not guilty and I gasped.

    I hope I am nearby when you spill your good news.

  7. Can't wait to hear about the sweet good thing!

  8. I hope that there will be a Federal case and a civil suit. It won't be the same but perhaps it will be something.

  9. I am still flabbergasted and incredulous and outraged and so very sad...I love my Florida for many reasons but definitely NOT the stand your ground. It makes me sick in my heart, mind, and brain. It just doesn't compute, doesn't make any sense at all that a 17-year-old is dead and no consequences for the killer. Can't even wrap my mind around it. Can't even express my feelings of helplessness and utter despair and disdain for our system.

  10. I am anxious to hear your love news. Sweet Jo

  11. What I struggle with is the law as if it exists in some sort of vacuum. If we'd seen just the tiniest bit of remorse -- just anything -- it might have been better. Instead, the whole thing is immediately politicized.

  12. Ellen Abbott- I spoke to an attorney here in Florida whom I know and trust and he said that yes, under the statues, Zimmerman's release was pretty much expected.

    Ms. Fleur- I am praying that this means a change in the laws.

    Deirdre- I think we will forever be reeling at this horrendous event.

    Angella- You did!

    Syd- Exactly. At least.

    Lulumarie- You feel exactly as I do.

    Sweet Jo- It has been told.

    Elizabeth- It has become quite clear to me that George Zimmerman is not only insane, he is a total piece of garbage.

  13. Maybe I need to read more about that verdict, because I just don't see how it's proper, even by the standard of backward laws in the Sunshine State. Maybe I can get Diane's show online?


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