Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Best Lines Of The Day

 Owen, when he arrived at 7:10 a.m.:

"Don't get so excited that I here." 

Later on, when I have asked him one too many times if he needs to go poop:

"Mer Mer, you ask me one more question and my eyes going to pop out of my head."

Later on he was discussing Jesus. "Grandma know Jesus." (Grandma is his other grandmother.)
"Oh, Owen. Jesus has been dead for 2000 years."

Gibson actually says a lot but you sort of have to be there to get the gist of it. However, when you look like this

and when you sit in the swing with your grandmother and lean your head on her old bosom, words are completely unnecessary. She understands and she is filled with something that no words can describe anyway. 


  1. Oh, the world is a better place with grandmas like you in it.

  2. I can imagine the deep peace little Gibson experiences in the swing, leaning on his grandmother, which is being wordlessly inscribed in his cellular memory. Good stuff.

  3. Oh, lord. I wonder how soon he'll be asking her about dead Jesus.

  4. Birdie- Well. Maybe.

    A- That boy is such a cuddler. I have never met the equal to him in that regard. Which makes him a joy.

    Mr. Downtown- Well. It's just the truth.

  5. Ms Moon, no words can describe it, but you do such a fine job just the same.Those boys are so beautiful and growing so fast!

  6. I love your grand babies and I love the love you have for them. Sweet Jo

  7. They are adorable! Can't believe how big Owen has grown. And oh my lord, the things he says!

  8. That Owen kills me every time.


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