Thursday, July 18, 2013

Not Sure If I've Ever Done This Before

But. Damn. This commercial just makes me laugh.

Maybe you have to be Southern. I do not know but I am and I like it.

Disclaimer: This is definitely not an endorsement of the product although a sip of Southern Comfort can be a very fine thing, driving through the dark piney woods of Georgia with a tall handsome man in a convertible on a late summer's night with the moon shining above. 
I would imagine.


  1. Is that coiffeur in Cali?? I want to go!

  2. A shampoo at the barber, wow, that would be nice. I like that song, makes me want a whiskey. I guess that's the point.

  3. That is the only thing I miss about cutting my own hair.

  4. I love that commercial -- it reminds me of the one of the muscle guy on the beach -- slightly overweight but still weirdly sexy. I think it was Southern Comfort, too!

  5. Funky!
    Just too cool for words...

  6. Strange! I kept thinking something was going to happen...but it really doesn't. It's more just a suggestion of something about to happen, isn't it?

    I used to love having my hair shampooed. Back when I had hair. Which was a long time ago.

  7. once upon a time in my life as a beauty school student, i made bank as a shampoo girl.

    not that this has to do with anything above, but is lake wobegone currently on rerun? we were listening the other night and i swore it was something we had heard in the fall. google has failed me and ,mary moon, you're my only hope....



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