Saturday, July 6, 2013

Settled Down

Mr. Moon went and fetched our big boy today. They keep trying to go fishing but the rain is a problem.  They stopped at Costco on their way home and bought me a fabulous bouquet of sunflowers which I put in a vase and placed on the little vanity altar in the hallway with my favorite, favorite Virgin of Guadalupe and the Cozumel sea glass and the turtle shells I've found in the woods and black coral I found on the beach in Mexico and probably illegally brought back and put in my silver baby cup and the seashells from various beaches along with one of my favorite thrift store lamps which came from the Goodwill in Roseland, Florida.

And various other treasures which all have deep and lovely meaning to me. 

The fellas were hungry for lunch so I cooked a frozen pizza for them and while they were eating at the table on the porch, I said, "Let me take a picture of my boys," and Owen got out of his seat and scooted over to stand next to his grandfather which charmed me to no end. 

My beautiful guys. 

They busied themselves with a project or two and I did a little laundry and finished last Sunday's crossword while listening to Wait! Wait! Don't Tell Me! on NPR and it was pretty perfect. My heart and head are feeling much better and soothed today but I have had no energy at all. The mind and the body are one and after a day of deep sorrow, I seem to need a day of rest for the vessel of my soul. Or, you know, the meat part of me. And I took it today, that meat-part rest, and even laid down and slept for an hour while Owen played with his Boppy in the Glen Den and when I got up,  Owen put the Rolling Stones on and we did our dancing/frisbee-playing thing and then I took him home down the backroads where we can see the llama and the horses and the ponies and the goats and the blooming Crepe Myrtle and the Mimosa and they were having a big party at the new trailer house where there's a huge, very homemade sign saying Jesus Lord, and when we got to Owen's house I got to hug and snuggle Gibson some and watch him dance a little and then I drove home, listening to Prairie Home Companion on the radio. 

I have some venison and potatoes and carrots in the crock pot and the sweetest Bat Daddy in the yard doing a little target practice with his bow and we might play some cards here in a minute. 

I feel renewed and restored and I feel grateful and I feel humbled and the endless feeding of the cardinals at the feeder continues and doves and sparrows feed with them and I couldn't and wouldn't wish for one thing more than I already have, sunflowers in a vase, an evening ahead of me with a sweet man, an afternoon behind me with a sweet boy, everything I need and for now, everything I could want as well. 


  1. It sounds like a great day. Glad that you rested up and are feeling less sad. We have had a day that has been good in many ways--the funeral mass for Pop and then a visit with my wife's first cousin who came for the funeral. Tired but grateful for those I love here.

  2. They are indeed beautiful guys!

  3. I've missed you -- just got home from a very long two-day drive, and I've just missed you. This was a perfect post to read, back.

  4. You are the only writer I know who can use 20 "ands" in one sentence without it getting boring. Very Ms Moon. Sounds like the perfect day.
    I bought a calendar with Virgins of Guadeloupe in New Mexico in January. Just like you I never get enough of her. Hard to understand as I am so anti religion...

  5. I love your words. I feel as if I'm right there.

  6. Syd- While I was just out weeding I was thinking that this is the beginning of a time for you and your wife when you can truly start to taste freedom. As sad as it is when parents die, you no longer have to worry about them and their illnesses and their problems. I hope this is the beginning of a very sweet chapter in your life.

    A- And cute, too.

    Elizabeth- I missed you too!

    Photocat- I think it has something to do with The Goddess. You know?

    Lisa- Oh. Thank you, sweet Mama of Bob.


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