Thursday, July 4, 2013

Required Title

Holy crap and mother of god it's supposed to keep raining. And really- I'm fine with that although if the flood waters don't get us, the mushroom growth just might.
Okay, not really.
But really- it's going to rain some more. We got power back on about 11:00 last night but Lily woke up to none this morning. She said that Owen was still asleep when I talked to her about half an hour ago. "But I don't know how," she said. "It's hot as balls."
Haha! Lily cracks me up.

So it's the 4th of July. Are you making potato salad? A red, white, and blue Jello mold? Or maybe even this, which I stole from Kati's Facebook page?

So intriguing, no?

Anyway, I'm not in the mood for Patriotic Partying. Not that I ever am but still. I'm watching my country go batshit crazy with the new stealth abortion restrictions and the voting rights being taken away and the Christian Right Wing fuck-you-this-is-what-the-Bible-says bullshit. Let's not even talk about the whole immigration thing. I hear down in Texas they're pouring money into more and bigger walls, more and better-armed border patrols and whatever the hell they use to discourage people from slipping over the border to take away the high-playing toilet-cleaning and field-picking jobs from decent Americans.
Meanwhile, one of the most beloved parts of Tallahassee's 4th of July celebration is the Naturalization Ceremony where a group of lucky hand-picked folks receive their American citizenship.
I don't get it.

They have a big ass party in a Tallahassee park every year with a country music band (nothing says AMURICA! like country music, right?) and I don't know what all. Okay. I just checked and there are more bands than the one so that'll be swell but I won't be going. Are you kidding me? They could charge me not to go and I'd cheerfully pay whatever they asked.

We don't have so much as a damn sparkler around here.

Yes. I am being extremely curmudgeonly today. So sue me.

Speaking of suing, I am not a litigious person but if Owen doesn't come off his no-kissing clause I'm hiring a lawyer. Thank god that Gibson still allows kisses. Here's a picture from yesterday of Owen at 7:30 a.m. with his new chimp.

That is one happy chimpanzee, y'all. The boy's pretty happy too.
Hey! At least it wasn't a flippin' clown.

No. I don't own one of those. Nor will I.
My poor generation. Not only did we have to deal with the Cold War and the threat of nuclear annihilation, we had scary-ass toys, too. Here's another favorite toy from the fifties. Every girl wanted one. Including me.

Not as much, though, as I wanted a stuffed Lassie dog.

Thank god I never got one. I did, however, receive a complete holster/guns/cowgirl hat outfit which I loved. Turned me into the gun nut I am today.

Okay. How in hell did I get from the 4th of July to the terrifying toys of my childhood?

I have no idea.

It's not raining here for a moment. Maybe I should take a walk. And then I can come home and rustle up a nice, patriotic macaroni-cheese and wiener bake.

But before I go, let me just point out that after a fifties childhood, the hallucinations brought on by LSD, peyote and psilocybin were a piece of damn cake and a huge fucking relief. If any generation needed an alternate reality, it was mine.

Happy Fourth of July, Y'all!

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. lol ... well? my post today was about similar kind of stuff. church goer's hate ... I was going to copy a bit of what I wrote but nah...

    yes... we 50's women had a bunch of stuff to change... and I did my damndest.

    take a look inbetween yer mac and cheese and weiner eatin... or not

    Happy Independence Day

  2. This holiday is almost as irritating as the Jesus ones. Also you summed up why LSD etc. was just not that scarey for us. IT WAS OUR EFFING TOYS!!!!!

    I love you.

    I'm making some dip to take to my sister wives at werk tomorrow and also hiding. This is the worst day for the Animal Gods.


  3. Amen, and pass the potato salad, LOL!

    I'm of the same mindset and could do without this holiday entirely.

  4. Carolyn- Well, you're a lot more patriotic and spiritual than I am. We are all different, aren't we? Even with similar backgrounds and ages.

    Madame King- Down here in the south, the 4th IS a fucking Jesus holiday. And extremely mayonnaise based. I love you too.

    e- Potato salad is always good. In my opinion.

  5. Carolyn- God, guns and guts. It all goes together around here. God Bless America, Greatest Country On Earth. Etc.
    And yes, I am quite aware the 4th about our independence from Britain.
    Look- I grew up hearing repeatedly that this is the greatest country on earth. Then I went to Europe and had my mind blown and opened. The USA is beautiful, yes, with its incredible physical vastness and diversity. But shitfire, we're a bunch of brash teenagers when you compare us to so much of the rest of the world. We think we know it all and that we invented everything. We're greedy and militaristic and bossy and would rather spend our money on guns than on schools. A good part of our population believes that dinosaurs lived on earth at the same time as humans and that believing in evolutionary science is a sign of the devil's influence. We are ignoring climate change, are allowing our lawmakers to take away our personal freedoms and we're obsessed with laptop celebrities. We have law makers at the highest level who believe that rape doesn't lead to pregnancy unless the woman really, somehow, wanted to be raped.
    We have Sarah Palin who will NOT GO AWAY.
    Of course there are wonderful things about this country and plenty of wrong with other countries. They have their share of assholes too, some of who are national leaders, sure, but I didn't do a damn thing to get born here. That was a simple fact of fate.
    I am just not nationalistic. I'm sorry. I didn't get that gene any more than I got the religious one. And seriously? I don't think I live in any whackier a religious hotbed area than a great many places in this country. Check out Texas. And North Carolina. And, and, and...
    Hell, Prop 8 happened in California.
    I do love where I live. It is beautiful and I admire and respect many of my neighbors but honestly- if I had been born somewhere else, I'd probably love it there for different reasons.

  6. Jesus Christ! Were-Lassie! Owen looks pretty happy though.

  7. How long and where did you live in Europe? hate to hear you feel that way but you certainly have that right.

    I pay Sarah Palin absolutely no attention. zero … she's still around? puhleeese

    There certainly are some ugly Americans ... I lived in Texas 20 years... it's a silly state but Wendy Davis is trying to change it back to be a Democratic state.

    Ann Richards and Barbara Jordon .. so many wonderful Texans as well as other good things about that ol State.

    anyway... it's painful ... really to hear someone think of this country as you do. while we aren't perfect ... we need to fight the NRA .. we need to demand our taxes be spent on schools and preservation of this planet.

    The Republicans and religious right are determined to push fear... I'm not buying it.

    As I've traveled about ... I've met and know how beloved this country is... and I can tell you ... this ol heathen ... hahaa... met a whole lot of other ol heathens who are sick to death of the church goers and bible thumpers telling us how the cow ate the cabbage.

    I have a lot of fun with them sometimes... especially when I say, you can quote the bible in its entirety to me... means nothing. I will quote Dr. Seuss or from the Tao of Pooh ...

    ohhhh man all the gasping.. you don't believe in the bible???? no. you don't believe in heaven or hell??? no.

    Well, see the fear that they want me to fear ... isn't fearful if you don't believe that shit.

    lots of fun sometimes but then it depends on the mood I'm in.

    don't give up on the USA, Mrs. Moon... fight for what you believe and vote. Hopefully you will support any and all legislation for Roe v. Wade.

    Apathy will kill us before the Republicans... I think so.

    BUT then... I know nothing

  8. Carolyn- I haven't given up on anything. I think you completely misread what I'm saying. Or perhaps it is just the way I'm saying it.

  9. oh, good... I guess I did misread... I'll go back and read again... AND with another cup of coffee... ought to be awake by now.. ;)

  10. Those really are scary ass toys. I'm in no mood, either. It's raining here and I'm invited to too many things and I don't want to go to any of them. I like people a lot, just in small doses.

    You and Lily both crack me up.

  11. "I did, however, receive a complete holster/guns/cowgirl hat outfit which I loved." Me too. And a fringed vest and skirt. Did you have those red paper rolls that fit --I can't remember how-- into the cap guns? Bang. I really adore seeing fireworks right overhead, but to my dear one, who always responds to essence, it looks and sounds like war, of course, so I abstain from thrills and glitter. A calm plate of fruits and berries and
    a smattering of wistfulness.

  12. Ms Moon,

    You rant like an Italian on espresso! I think that's one of the gajillion reasons i keep coming back here. That and I love you dearly, and I like your slant on the rant. ;-) I guess I miss that part of my family. Marc so does not get my rantings, and he thinks they are a direct attack on him! Even when it's about something completely unrelated to him, like say dental work.

    Anyway, I wish I was eating potato salad with you guys today. Hope its a good time!

  13. Just now caught up with your news of the past few days. It's been fun. I don't have the patriot gene either. It takes war to make nations and build up that feeling that we are somehow better than they are. So some food with friends and earmuffs for Brio and we'll call it a holiday.

  14. It's not raining in Jacksonville, weirdly. Seems like everything is west of us. Go figure. It IS hot as balls, though.

    We got a good laugh at the flag recipe. "That looks awful!" my mom said. And what does Wrigley's gum have to do with it? Bizarre.

    My mom also had a gun/holster set that she loved as a girl. Well, actually it was my uncle's, because my grandparents wouldn't buy one for her.

  15. All I can say is I think our crazy, embittered, battered, and divided nation has made it through another birthday. Seems we have been fighting wars ever since the one for independence. And so it goes....


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