Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Ashville is completely eat up with breweries. These are über-cool places that make their own beers. Pilsners and IPA's and wheat beers and blah-de-blah beers and the gleaming stainless steel tanks rise to the ceilings of old repurposed warehouses and so forth and it's all so awesome and impressive and even on a Monday evening there are folks galore at the breweries, older folks and younger folks and hippies and hipsters and hikers and bikers and the dreaded and the tatted and the pierced and their dogs. And they are all cooler than me. 
But here's what strikes me- breweries are bars. Say what you will, folks are not coming to sip the crafted offerings for taste alone. They, meaning me, are there to drink. Yes, we are all drinking in a civilized and locally crafted manner and many of us are wearing cowboy boots in a sort-of ironic manner and no one is getting overtly soused or obnoxious and well, it's sort of really cool and a little odd. 
And I'm on vacation so fuck it.

Here are Jessie and May at a brewery. 

As you can see, it's got a bunch of cool ironwork going on. I think it was called The Wedge. We hung out there while Vergil took Greta to her puppy training class. She's such a sweet and smart puppy. 

i llike her very much. She is calm but curious, obedient yet sparky. She is already a fine companion to Jessie and Vergil. 

As you can see, Vergil is still looking at Jessie with sweet concentration. Can you believe they are husband and wife? I still have a hard time believing it. 

You may have noticed that I'm not posting pictures of myself lately. I'll be honest with you. I am so gravely shocked at what I look like these days that I just can't bring myself to do it. The aging is proceeding at warp speed, it seems to me, and add to that the scabbing and oozing spots on my forehead and I am having a hard time dealing with the physical reality of my own being and I realize I'm going to have to come to terms with it or face some sort of denial-based mental breakdown but I'm going to have to do this in my own space and time. 

I will say that my hair looks great! 

I suppose that's something. 

Anyway, it's almost midnight and it's time to sleep. Not sure what tomorrow will hold but it'll be lovely, I'm sure. I'm glad I'm here although I have to admit that I miss my home fiercely. And all that the word "home" means. But Jessie and Vergil and May mean home as much as walls and floors do, if not more. And Greta the smart dog. 

Goodnight, y'all. I am hoping this moon shines down on all whom I love, wherever they are. 

Let's get good sleep. May our dreams be as hoppy and yeasty, as crafted and cool as the offerings at an Asheville brewery. 

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Greta! What a great dog name, for an apparently great dog.

    I think a beer tastes so much better in a pint glass, like the ones in your photo -- I don't know why that is. Bottles are OK, but cans -- forget it!

  2. Oh, and re. your appearance, you're still on that medication for your face, right? Hey, good hair counts for something! :) I'm sure you look better than you give yourself credit for.

  3. the Wedge is awesome; I like Highlands brewery too- they have hillbilly music on Fridays!

    And the only way to be cool in Ashville is to be super Un-cool. That would just be radically cool!

  4. I don't believe anyone is cooler than you Ms. Moon. Anyone who can wear overalls and nunnightgowns as you do without a trace of irony is in her own class, the chilliest of the chill.


  5. Steve- I totally agree. And they give you different beers here in different glasses. It's like The Cult Of Beer. And yes, that's why my face looks so bad. Well, the medication and 59 years of life.

    Magnum- Thats my theory too. I wore overalls yesterday. Haha! Really, though, I did.

    Invisigal- Yeah. I don't dress with too much irony.

  6. I wish you could find Vesuvius and meet up with her at a brewery. I hear ya on the aging thing.

  7. I love the small breweries. Especially the local ones. I can't hardly drink mass produced beer anymore...bud (which I never drank cause that was the beer all the 'cool' kids drank in high school. not that I drank beer in high school. I smoked pot), coors, not even corona anymore. we are fans of IPAs these days.

    and I know what you mean about the aging accelerating. I can hardly stand to look in the mirror these days.

  8. Those microbreweries make me wish I liked beer more! It looks like you are having a fine time in Asheville.
    I hear you about the warp speed aging, and you make me smile because I could have written that paragraph, right down to the part about my hair being the only part that looks good. It just happens to look wrong on this old person wearing it. Yes, come to terms or have a psychotic break, that's about the bottom line.
    Hope you continue to have an awesome visit.

  9. Do j and v still have a cat too? What a great time y'all are having! I was there a few weeks ago. My nephew makes candles for a small co. And they have a booth downtown. I feel the same way. No photos of me. But the hair and nails are rocking! --michele r.

  10. Hair is totally worth a mention!

    Looks fun. I love beer, so I think I'd better visit there someday.

  11. But I love to see pictures of you, they always make me swoon with happiness.

  12. Great hair is a lot. Mine is getting grayer now. That sucks. But I still have hair which is good. I think that I look younger than many my age but maybe genes have something to do with that as well. Don't know. Will have to post a pic sometime.


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