Wednesday, July 3, 2013

And the rain poured another toad-strangler and the power went out so we ate in semi-darkness but it was so good and so summer that it didn't matter. Grouper and bruschetta and artichokes and brown rice. 
Such bounty of ocean and garden. 

We are full and it's plenty cool enough and the rain still comes down and our world is soft gray, falling rain. 

It's all so very gentle and it will be until somewhere men hook the power back up and it will all come jarring on- lights and air conditioner, hum and throb and whir again. 

They can take their time for all of me. 


  1. Hey! I just noticed you have a tin roof. Awh, the sound of rain must be very soothing. Is your power back on yet? If not, hopefully you all won't melt.

  2. There's something Joycean about your prose here -- I love it.

  3. toad strangler? hahahahahahahahahahaha. We persist in sunshine here, still getting used to it. The lake is silky warm for swimming and I am. Tomorrow we go to the ocean, yeah!

    XX B

  4. When the band I used to live with moved to a very rural commune in the mountains, there was much debate about whether to bring the bad vibes of electricity to the land. But in the end, it wasn't any desire for lights or refrigerators that tipped the balance. It was the need to plug in the electric guitars.

  5. I swear to god, some of your posts read as though they are straight from a novel. Beautiful.

  6. Angie- We got our power back on at eleven. It was and still is strangely cool though.
    All this rain, I guess.

    Elizabeth- Blog via iPhone. It certainly helps with over-wordiness.

    Beth Coyote- Y'all don't use that phrase? It's fairly common here. Enjoy your day at the ocean. I'll get there again someday...

    A- I can so totally relate to that. Yep.

    Wayne- You are too sweet, love.

  7. It's always great when you can enjoy a rainy evening! I do love the rain here. Except when I'm driving in it.

  8. I've enjoyed the rainy days. And the garden has gone crazy.


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