Tuesday, July 2, 2013

We Have A New Friend

I had a fairly unsuccessful shopping experience today. I mean, it was fine as far as it went which was a thrift store and a Goodwill. Somehow the idea of purchasing a brand new lamp just seems...ridiculous? I've always found my lamps in thrift stores and I have found some excellent ones. But here's the thing with thrift-store shopping: You cannot go with a specific item in mind. You will never find that item on that trip. You might, however find something else.
Such as this.

That's my new friend.
Now I did not need that chimp any more than Hank needs a new typewriter. There are probably at least fifty stuffed animals in this house and that includes a genuine, real, antique Zippy just like the one I had as a child. This is not one of those, but it is old and I feel like maybe I just screwed up big time because I have actually washed the poor dear and I would never have done that but I do have grandchildren and so I have to consider all possibilities such as the fact that the chimp could have been filled with drug-resistant TB bacteria. Or polio. That would be more appropriate to the vintage.

Washing him really did not improve his appearance and I've just done a quick search on E-Bay and whoops! He might have been a little valuable. Oh well. If he WAS valuable, he's not any more.
I bought him simply because I felt sorry for him, sitting there amongst the luridly colored stuffed animals at the Lighthouse Children's Home thrift store. I feel slightly weird shopping there because all of the proceeds go to the Home where bad girls get sent in order to get saved and restored to goodness when their families have given up on them. I get their newsletter and honey, after a few months those girls learn to love the Lord and I ain't kidding you.
Anyway, there he was and he cost $4.99 so I bought him.

That was the only purchase of the day except for two napkins and a dishtowel.

Boy howdy, I can tear it up, can't I?

I also went to Costco and they were sampling more stuff than I'd ever seen. I'd tell you what I ate but my stomach is still suffering the insult and I don't care to relive the experience which, like so many experiences, seemed like a good idea at the time.

So it's been a decent day and I didn't break the bank and I'll find a new lamp one day. I'm waiting on Mr. Moon to come home and the rain is pattering and supper (my god- more food!) is ready for whenever he is and tomorrow the boys are coming early.

Here's another picture.

That's my dog Dolly looking out at the chickens who have taken shelter from the rain on the kitchen porch. I don't know why she was looking at them. She and Buster, her brother, generally pretend as if the chickens did not exist, thus ensuring that they don't have to do anything about them. Like, chase them. Perhaps she is bored from all of this rain.

Who knows? Not me. I barely understand myself and do not pretend to have an inkling about what goes on the mind of dog or chicken or child either, for that matter.
I'm pretty sure that a lot of it has to do with food though.

I'm sure it does for me.

Sex and food pretty much sum up the reason for existence for all us animals and the balance changes during different age stages but that really is about it. Maybe not if you really love the Lord but that's another subject which I will not be taking on right now.

Husband's home.

Let's eat!

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. lol... seriously, lol

    I just recently found out that roosters have penises.. went to the Heifer International farm... even wrote about it.

    and well? it's just food for me no sex .. I google ever now and then to keep myself up to date on sex stuff just in case.

    oh jeeeez guess I'm gonna have to do a couple of word things because this first one is all in gray with some tee tiny letters... you sure you need to have this stuff?

    looks like a number... hmmm well? here goes

  2. Your grandsons will love that monkey and that more valuable than the money you washed away along with the drug resistant bacteria.

  3. That monkey looks vaguely familiar to me -- something about the mouth, perhaps? Hmmmm.

    And if you do get antsy for a lamp and don't mind buying a new one that's cheap, try Cost Plus World Market. They have some damn cute lamps and they don't cost too much.

  4. Funny monkey! I would have felt sorry for him too.

  5. I remember that chimp I remember him well and he was not mine and he terrifies me. Whooooooooosh.

  6. I'm with mz King. And I understand rescuing the random treasure from the GoodWill. I take stuff there and buy more stuff, in and out, I say.

    I love the dog at the screen door. Felix goes into the back yard to bark at squirrels and people passing by. Sheesh.

    XX Beth

  7. Like Elizabeth said, the monkey looks familiar to me too! I think I may have had one just like a very long time ago.

  8. That is one ugly monkey. I wish it would rain here. Yep, food and sex.

  9. The monkey scares me a little bit too, but I understand why he needed to come home with you. That happens to me a lot!

  10. Scary ass chimp, Mary. You know we all desperately want to know how much it was worth! :)

  11. Carolyn- I would assume that roosters have to have penises. Yes. I have to have word verification. I'm sorry but I really hate all the spam if I don't.

    Angella- Drug resistant but not laundry detergent resistant. Haha!

    Elizabeth- That's a great idea and we do actually have one of those stores around here.

    Nichol- He so obviously did not belong there.

    Madame King- I loved my chimp,my Zip. He was my darling child and friend. But yes, I can see what you see.

    Beth- Dolly wasn't even barking. Just looking closely. Which is hard. She's almost blind.

    Gail- You may have. They were very popular in the 50's.

    Ellen Abbott- And chimps.

    Mel- I have bought dresses simply because they are home made. Sigh.

    Jo- He is NOT scary. Well, not to me or Owen. They are ASKING around $150 on Ebay. I don't know what they are getting though.

  12. When we were kids my sister had that exact same monkey. He was called Wappie. I guess he was sold all over the world.

  13. I love this post. You're as bad as Adam. He goes to the shops and comes back with so much random stuff. He's also into second-hand 'thrifting'. I've never really seen the appeal but then again, I've never really looked!

  14. Photocat- I believe he was.

    Wayne- Don't get started with the thrifting. If you do, you'll soon find yourself needing a recovery program. It can get addicting.

  15. Love the chimp! I'm pretty sure if he had a choice between being clean and being devalued, he'd choose clean.

  16. Long live the chimp.
    Bon appetit to you and the husband!


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