Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Tired Yet Blessed

The green beans are really just starting to come on and we are still getting the cherry tomatoes and the peppers and tonight I'm going to make another salad of tomato and basil and if I ever get tired of that, well, it's simply time for me to go on, die, be done with this earth and all of its magnificent joys and troubles.

Speaking of troubles, I spent a good part of the day in my bedroom, going through everything and I discovered where the rat got in (and yes, according to its poop, it was a rat, forget that mouse theory) and it's the same place the rat got in a few years ago and you may be sure that the hole is now patched. It was not nearly as bad as it was a few years ago when I went through the closet where the hole was and discovered an entire rat domicile, its kitchen, its dining area, its sleeping quarters, its bathroom. Which, I have to say, was removed from the rest of the areas.
Anyway, none of that today, just some random poop and oh yes, I realized that I have so many beautiful clothes and shoes and wear none of them, ever. The clothes are too small for me mostly but the shoes still fit and yet, do I ever, ever put on the gold mules? The Donald Pliner suede sandals? The darling little red sandals with kitten heals?
Oh hell no.
And there they sit, cluttering up the universe, growing moldy, sad and neglected.

I did throw away a bag full of stuff that no one will ever use again and that felt good. It always does but it's never enough.

Britain has legalized gay marriage and Queen Elizabeth has given her official (and completely unnecessary, I guess) stamp of approval and Three Cheers For The Brits!!!
We're being so clumsy about it here in the states, aren't we? This state says yes, that state no. And the Supreme Court is going to have to weigh in on this and take care of matters. It's completely illogical that a man and a woman can get married in a two-minute, last-minute ceremony anywhere in the nation and have it be completely legal in all fifty states with all rights and entitlements accorded to marriage under our laws but if a man and a man or a woman and a woman gets legally married in California, the state of Florida will not recognize such union as a legal one.
No. That will not stand and eventually, it will change but oh, we are so stubborn with our holy State's Rights and no, don't get me started on God and Guns and Gays.
I'm too tired and not in the mood.

I just want to make some clam spaghetti and that salad and sit down and eat with my husband and watch some stupid TV or maybe some good TV. We finished watching the Lewis And Clark program on PBS last night and it was a stunning series.

A couple is here to look at the Airstream to maybe buy to fix up and they just wanted to look at the house, as people do sometimes. I would, if I had never seen it before. I so often wonder what people think when they come into my house. I have so many madonnas and Mr. Moon has his deer heads and we must appear to be as crazy as we, in fact, are. And it seems to me that every month our decor becomes more and more child-centered. Toys in every room, kid books and trikes and entire shelves, even in the kitchen, devoted to things for the boys.
Oh well.
This is what it is. This is how we live. I'm not sure I'd know what to do if I lived in a house with no sign of children about it.

Well. Let's eat and let's all sleep well tonight. Perhaps we shall dream of dancing in golden slippers wearing our old favorite dresses or perhaps we shall dream of picking green beans, their leaves on our bare shoulders sticky and scratchy as we pass under them to reach up and pluck the beans or perhaps we shall dream of Queen Elizabeth, giving her royal approval to more freedom in her country. I do not know. I only hope that we do sleep, that we do dream sweetly and that Mr. Rat dances somewhere else, his clumsy crashing feet far away from my bed.


  1. This was a good one. See ya, Ratty, go live in the barn.

    Your clam spaghetti reminded me that I am trying a similar pasta this week, but with sardines and capers. Fancy schmancy. I will tell you how it tastes. I do kind of love sardines.

  2. Now that the rat has been evicted and things set right for the moment, I wish you all a good night. And as for the airstream, I'm so glad I didn't know you had one as I've been lusting after one for years! Hope the couple loved it and will enjoy it.
    What a way to have to clean the closet! That's about what it would take for me. Even the lizard that moved into mine didn't get my ass in gear.
    Applause and Bon Nuit.

  3. Maybe you should make it a goal to wear some of your clothes and shoes the next time you go out with the boys? Make it a dress-up event!

  4. This is a good one. I am brain dead and cannot think of anything to say except I enjoyed this and also, if you want to ship me those clothes that you don't wear, I'll pay the shipping. You have good taste!

  5. I hope you had dreams free of rat disturbances last night and I like Steve's idea of playing dress up or just dressing up statues or stuffed animals with pretty clothes - further house decoration while remaining in comfie braless overalls! Sweet Jo

  6. Mr. Downtown- Let me know how that goes. I love capers more than sardines.

    Ms. Yo- You wouldn't have wanted this one. It is missing some vital organs and the ones it has are tattered and torn.
    I wouldn't even blink at a lizard in the closet. I would simply hope he liked roaches.

    Steve Reed- I wore a short which Owen had never seen the other day and he was astonished. Sometimes I do put on lipstick to go out with them. Then I leave lip prints all over their darling faces.

    Ms. Fleur- Well. I will think about that.

    Sweet Jo- I have always wanted an old mannequin to dress up. Maybe I'll find one someday.

  7. You know what? People who live in houses that look like they were in magazines look like there is no life orskigar love in them. I would much prefer a house with deer heads and madonnas and kids toys.

  8. Well, the rat can go elsewhere, right? I am glad to report no varmints inside these walls this summer. When winter comes, there might be a flying squirrel that tries to get in through one of the vents. I hope not. Glue boards are down.

    Our garden is needing some replanting. Time for that this weekend.


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