Sunday, July 21, 2013


Well, somehow the little yellow chick which had gone missing reappeared during the rain storm and at this point, all three babies and Mrs. Baby are in the coop where there are shelters galore for them.
As well as the unhatched eggs. So we shall see.
The problem is that we are meddlers, we humans, and we want to DO something. This, of course, is what has led to the complete over-medicalization of childbirth and does no one any good and certainly not chickens. So we're trying to let things be, having provided safe shelter, food and water.

Isn't this exciting?

Also, I have done a little research and it would appear that standard chickens can mate with banties. I would be thrilled beyond belief to have a miniature replica of Elvis running around. Now wouldn't that just be lovely?


  1. I'm glad you meddled. The thought of a fuzzy little chick being gobbled up shortly after hatching... well.

  2. Miss Baby had babies! I am on vacation an disconnected and just catching up.

  3. Yes to a little Elvis!

    And yes, we always want to 'help' don't we. Except sometimes we don't though we mean well...

  4. I am thrilled with the news about the chicks. Now there are some babies I can cheer about. Thanks for meddling.

  5. Wait. I thought banty hens just meant wild hens...are banties different from chickens then? Interesting!!

    My nieces and nephew that live on the farm, have chickens now. They love gathering the eggs, and think its just the neatest thing they've ever done.

  6. Banties are little chickens, usually about a quarter or a fifth the size of a regular breed. They look just like the big ones aside from that, but since they are smaller and lighter they tend to be able to fly and are likely to be wilder.

  7. Thanks for the definition of "banty," Mr. Downtown, because I was confused about that too.

    I'm glad Ms. Baby was gettin' her groove on!

  8. Welcome back. Chicken drama is interesting.

  9. I'm with Syd, more chicken drama please! And how bout a pic of Mrs. Banty. I don't recall seeing her in the archive of chicken albums. You might have a brand-new hybrid of chicken there!



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