Monday, July 15, 2013

And So It Goes

I finally and at last took a good damn walk today. It felt good and I'm so glad I went. It is not raining but it isn't too hot, either. Don't get me wrong- I'm sweating like a guilty chili pepper on a sizzling grill but it's a good sweating. If walking does nothing else, it does reassure me that I'm probably not about to die. I saw dainty pointy doe-tracks in the path and I saw my buddy, the turtle. He didn't even bother to pull his head in when I approached this time. Perhaps he is growing accustomed to me, finally, after all these years. Or perhaps he had a stiff neck or perhaps he was simply too weary to care.
Whatever, I took his picture and bade him good day.

The church next door must be having a summer day camp for kids. Maybe vacation Bible school. I don't know. But they are playing outside and the sound of their voices is a nice music. The sound of happy playing children is a nice thing on a summer day. So is the sound of the fussing crows at the feeder, the chip of the cardinals, the trilling song of the mockingbirds, the buzzy hum of the crickets. The world seems to be a more normal place today, my nerve-endings more soothed than they were and once again, I feel as if perhaps I belong here in this life.


  1. ahhh glad to read your better today. I knew you would be from just the short time I've been reading you.

    I love to hear the joy of the kiddos ... nothing like the innocent laughter and squeals... When asked what my favorite all time 'thing' is ... it's the first time I heard my little boy laugh out loud... oh, baruther

    "sweating like a guilty chili pepper on a sizzling grill"

    hahaaa.... guilty chili pepper?

  2. Yes, you do belong here in this life. There is still much to find out and experience.

  3. I am so eternally grateful that you are in this life. you make such a profound positive difference in my reality, each and every day. I am so glad today feels better for you. Nothing like the sound of laughing children. xo

  4. That turtle knows good company when he sees it.
    So glad you are feeling better. Yesterday was hell for so many of us. I do hope FL gets rid of that absurd law, or at least everybody comes to understand (oh I dream on) that it should have applied to young Trayvon too.

  5. Someone helping me with my broken water system found a big turtle shell here yesterday. I had never really examined one before with the upper and lower parts stuck together. What a handsome thing! He was as delighted with it as a child might be, so when he kindly helped me rewire a switch I'd been struggling with, I gave him the huge, amazing and also strikingly handsome yellow jacket's nest that I've kept for years on a table, with day-glo looking baby hawk feathers in it. Even after all this time, the perfect papery layers-- I've never read up on how they make them, but they're fine work indeed---are intact and flexible. Not that I don't experience, almost daily, what you guys call too much nature in the house, but: nature!

  6. I thought the turtle was a gigantic eye at first glance... The sound of children is almost always soothing except when crying in a restaurant. I hope your day continued as it started. Sweet Jo


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