Tuesday, December 27, 2016

View From Breakfast Table

Mr. Moon had oatmeal for breakfast.
I had huevos divorciadios. Two eggs, over medium, on tortillas with beans and red sauce and green sauce.
I believe I won.

There is a beautiful girl (well, there are several beautiful girls) who works here. She is pure light, inside and out. She gives the best hugs. This morning I told her, "It's another beautiful day."
She agreed.
"I feel so lucky to be here," I said, and tears began to well up in my eyes.
"Esta Paraiso," she said.
"It is. Paradise."
We nodded.
It's just the truth.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. What a great shot of the water, so blue and translucent.

  2. I read today that the best way to stay health is to eat a BIG breakfast and a smaller lunch and dinner. I think you've got breakfast covered!
    It always look so clean there the sky clear, the water clean, the wholeness of it clean and fresh. Continue to enjoy!


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