Friday, December 23, 2016

Evening Report

It's all of 9:37 pm and there's a guy playing music in the restaurant a few hundred feet away (there are no walls) and I'm sitting outside on my little patio and the owner of the hotel and some of her girlfriends are out on the grass by the pool talking and laughing the way women talk and laugh when they've had a hard week and are glad it's over but overall, know how blessed they are. Especially by each other's friendship.

We did not get the room we wanted here which is the last room on the end downstairs but you's okay. That room just had a little more privacy, especially on the patio, and also a louvered window I set a plant in front of when we stayed there. We're only two doors down and you know how I love to study and analyze my neighbors on these trips and I have a few things to say about one couple but I need to do more research.

So what have we done today besides observe the neighbors? Well, we had a delicious breakfast of huevos rancheros and coffee and then we took the rental car back and exchanged it for one that Mr. Moon can actually fit in and we went downtown and exchanged dollars for pesos and we had sopa de lima at Casa Denis where the waiter whom I call the Cozumel Keith Richards greeted us and shook our hands and was as professional and courteous as ever and the soup was as flavorful and delicious as ever, and we walked around and went to Mega to buy a small, cheap coffee maker and some coffee and cheese and crackers and cough syrup for Mr. Moon who has the cough-crud that our family has been passing around for weeks. Buying medications OTC in Mexico is interesting. I told Mr. Moon to go up to the pharmacist and cough and let her make recommendations but he said, "No. I will not do that," but we did end up talking to a very old senor who supposedly spoke English and he recommended a gel capsule as well as cough syrup. Mostly in sign language. I looked up the active ingredient when we left and discovered that you need a prescription for it in the USA but not here.
However, you CANNOT buy Sudafed or Actifed (we did not ask but were given that information) and thank you, Meth Heads.
But Mr. Moon took one of the capsules and barely coughed for the rest of the day so we are happy about that.

We came back to the room and had a very nice nap and then we got up and made coffee in our new coffee pot and then we played some cards and had a beer and watched the sunset. You can see one of the pictures I took in the new header. I am using the "real" camera again, at least at sunset, and am having to relearn how to use my computer to download and transfer them. Import/export. Edit. Etc.

We went to supper at an old favorite place. The traffic in downtown San Miguel de Cozumel is ridiculous and I am so glad that I don't have to drive. I have to admit, quite sadly, that driving around in a car is not nearly as fun or thrilling or as immediate as driving a moped, sitting behind my husband and holding on for love and for dear life.
But it does feel safer. Plus, we don't have to balance the groceries and stuff. We can just put them all in the trunk. Still- are we old now?


Yes. We are definitely older.

But not too old.

Not yet.

After supper we stopped by the park by what they call "El Palacio" which I think is like City Hall. There are Christmas decorations and a clown to entertain the children and stands selling everything from corn to cotton candy. There were families with children, some of whom were driving around madly in small, motorized cars, others were being held by papa's or grandmothers, some were just walking around with big eyes, taking it all in.

Tomorrow is Nochebuena or Christmas Eve which is more important in Mexico than Christmas day, I believe. A night for families to get together and celebrate. We walked by the church downtown last night and it was decorated beautifully and packed with people, singing, and I stood for a moment, outside, taking it all in. As we walked on I said to Mr. Moon, "I think we could call my style of decorating Mexican Catholic Church At Christmas."
He agreed. 

The candle I bought at Sedona, the little grocery store, yesterday. 

The pool tonight. I am almost tempted to change into my bathing suit and get in. But the thought of the discomfort of getting into a nylon bathing suit overwhelms the thought of the pleasure of the water. And the water is a bit chilly. 


Well. It's been a good day, a sweet day. 

We shall see what tomorrow brings. 

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. I want my entire house to be Mexican church at Christmas.

  2. I am thrilled that you're there. Enjoy! Keep telling us your goings-on!

  3. Yes, keep the story going. You are living my fantasy trip and I love hearing your goings on!

  4. I am so happy for you! I promise one year I am going to spend Christmas and possibly Thanksgiving on a beach somewhere. Gail

  5. Cafe Denis is my favorite restaurant there. we found it by asking one of the shop keepers where the locals ate. I was so sick of fancy food with sauces by that time. this was back when they had one small room and a few tables in the courtyard out back. long ago. many many years ago. been too long since I have been there.


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