Monday, December 19, 2016

I finished Gibson's quilt today with the help of Maurice who snuggled up in it as I worked. It's in the dryer now, and I am very happy that it's done and I think he's going to like it. It is soft. So soft.
I remember when I made my first name blankets for Hank and May and I made them pajamas out of the same flannel I made the blankets. I used to always make my kids nightgowns and PJ's for Christmas that I would give them on Christmas Eve. Oh, Lord, I used to be such a good housewifey.

And I have packed dresses and shorts and bathing suits and a few other things and I keep thinking I'm forgetting some major component of what I need to take. I mean, I have books and I'll take my toiletries and yes, my pillow and a journal and this laptop and what else? What else do I need? Make up. Sure. Some of that. Medications. Supplements. Mr. Moon takes care of the snorkels and masks and fins.
Theoretically, at least.
No. He will.

And so, it is happening.

May and Michael and Michael's beautiful mother stopped by for a little visit this afternoon and that was nice. We visited for awhile and I gave them some greens from the garden. I have SO many greens both of the salad and the cooking variety. Last night I made us a salad of arugula and blueberries and kiwi and apple and oranges with pecans and blue cheese. We are spoiled in the winter with our salads and that is for sure. Tonight we will have mixed greens with the traditional tomatoes and cucumbers and maybe pine nuts.

Can you believe that I won't be cooking for two weeks? Not one single thing will I cook. I might very well cut up a few mangoes, squeeze a few limes on them and I'll probably slice into a few avocados and perhaps even some cheese to serve on crackers for a lunch now and then. But that's not cooking. That's merely slicing.

I will be the Queen of Leisure. I will be the aged hussy of the senor muy alto. I will be the scorekeeper of the endless games of gin rummy.
Which reminds me! I have to pack the deck of Cozumel cards!

Ah. Located and placed where I will remember to pack them.

All is well.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Maurice looks like she wants her own name blanket.
    Have a great trip, wonderful time and try to forget all the fuckery going on here for a little while. Looking forward to pictures!

  2. Love the Cozumel cards! There's something cool about taking a souvenir back to the place it was purchased years ago, isn't there?! I have a t-shirt from the Keys in my suitcase that I plan to wear, again, in Key West. It just seems like the thing to do.

  3. wish I could sneak into your suitcase.


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