Saturday, December 31, 2016

New Year's Eve

It was a most beautiful sunset tonight. Majestic, in fact. We watched it all and then got dressed and went to town and way back in the hood to the restaurant we went to a few nights ago- El Moro.
I wish I could truly describe this place. It is the opposite of fancy and the kitchen takes up a quarter of the room and is open to view. The decor could be described

But it is one of those places.
Not only is the food as delicious as any I've ever eaten in my life but the owner/host is the most special man. He greets everyone as if they were long-lost loved ones. And he dashes from the tables to kitchen to tables again, making sure everything is todo bien.
And everything always is.
All good.
And when it's time to leave you get that shot of Xtabentun but you also get hugs and blessings and thanks. Tonight the hugs and blessings were quadrupled for the New Year. I wish I knew everything he blessed us with. Love, prosperity, happiness. Those for sure. And after he gave us our initial hugs and blessings, he came back in for more.
It's almost like he's an angel here on earth and I do not say that lightly.

We've been talking about the fact that we aren't going to get our black-eyed peas for New Years this year and I've been saying I'm fine with that. We ate them last New Years and look how that turned out. Oh, don't get me wrong- we've had some incredibly beautiful things happen this year, the birth of our Maggie June being the first and foremost but there have been some pretty difficult things too on the personal, family, and global level as well.
So. Missing those black-eyed peas doesn't really scare me too much.
And as we were driving back to the hotel, we were discussing all of the blessings we'd just been given at El  Moro and Glen said, "I'd take those blessings over black-eyed peas any day."


So here we are, safely back at the Blue Angel where there's a dinner party on the grass beside the pool under the palm trees and a small band playing quite loudly about twenty yards from our room and I'm wondering if they're going to play until the wee hours and although they are quite fine, I have to say I hope not.
We are old.
I suggested to my husband that we could go skinny dipping in the pool and he said that yes, that would probably clear them out. But I doubt we'll do that.
As I said- we are old.
And it does not seem like a wild party although who knows? It's barely ten o'clock and the drinking has probably hardly begun.

Well. It will be what it will be. And it's pretty enjoyable at this very second.

I wish all of us the blessings which were given to me tonight, even though I am not quite sure what they are. But I put my hands in front of my heart, palms pressed together, and I send them your way.

Mostly though, peace, love, and light.
As always.
Ms. Moon


  1. I am trying to convince myself that 2017 won't be as bad as I've imagined, and that the overall goodness of people will outweigh the shit storm that will begin in 21 days. All we can do is love one another. And heaping blessings on each other surely has to be a plus! Happy New Year to the Moon's!

  2. we won't be awake for midnight here!!! here's to 2017 exceeding all our collective lowered expectations...


  3. Your blessings are received with much thankfulness, Ms. Moon. May you continue to bless everyone that visits your blog with peace, love and light in the years to come. And may the blessings you send come back upon you in abundance.
    Wishing you and Mr. Moon a majestic 2017!
    - Sam

  4. Happy 2017 my loves! Your New Year's Eve sounds fine indeed.

  5. I need as many blessings as you can spare. I am slowly drinking a shot of vodka with lemon and praying, yes praying for a better 2017. 2016 was personally bad minus a few blessings like Magnolia, sending all my best to you,

  6. All the best to you and yours this year and always. Thank you so much for contuing to write and share here. It's so comforting to me.

  7. happy new year Ms Mary Moon. while I am glad to see this one end, minor blessings and all, I am not anxious for the new one to begin.

  8. LOL -- it would be hilarious to go out there and jump in the pool naked, just to see how everyone would react. They might all join you! And then someone would call the policia!


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