Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Gently Falling

We have seen few iguanas this trip. We joke that they have all headed south. Which would be to the south of the island but today we saw this guy as we drove up the road to the north.
He looks so pissed off. Which is how iguanas look.
Senor Iguana- how do you feel? 
Pissed off!

We did this and we did that today. We drove up that road until a pothole the size of a small nation filled with water presented itself to us and we turned around. We went to the golf course/country club which is an Audubon Sanctuary where I sat and watched more emerald shining humming birds sip from hibiscus and then we drove to back to town and found a place we have eaten before, although they have changed locations. They used to be a walk-up counter and now they have a little restaurant and we had a fish sandwich and a shrimp sandwich and two soft drinks (mango and mandarin orange) for less than five dollars and that included a tray with a lime slaw, a smokey chipotle sauce, a habanero mayonnaise sauce and a tomato sauce and then we walked through the mercado, although they were shuttin' 'er up for the day.

Oh! And we stopped at the marina

and walked around and looked at the boats and wondered ONCE AGAIN about that castle and we also stopped at Chadraui for water and coffee and limes and avocados. 

We came home and were going to snorkel right here at the hotel but the rain suddenly came down and so instead we took a nap and then got up and had coffee and played cards and watched another sunset.

Pobrecito Mr. Moon. I make him go get ice in the restaurant and make us rum drinks for sunset every night. He told me that when he went in to make the drinks tonight, he heard a rustling in the room and went out to investigate where he found Bagheera settling into the little box which our tiny coffee pot came in. She ducked into it and the lid came up over her head and then she popped her head back out again and then went back inside. She, for some reason, thinks that our room is the SOURCE OF ALL CHEESE and I have no idea why she thinks that except for the fact that when we have our little happy hour snack of cheese and avocado we give her a nibble of the cheese. Just a tiny nibble! I promise! But he escorted her out and we walked a little ways down the sea walk to a pizza restaurant for our supper.

Right on the water and we watched the cars and trucks unload off the huge Trans Caribe vessel while we waited for our delicious pizza and sipped Negra Modela's as the waves came in beside us and as we walked home, I said to my husband, "I love you, do you love me?" and he said, "I love you. Do you love me?"
And I tapped my forehead, my heart, my nether-regions, as Keith Richards does when he gives his thank-you bows and I said, "In all ways," and this is why I come to Cozumel with my husband. 

We had almost an entire pizza in a box to bring home as leftovers and when we came into the lobby of the hotel, we asked the fellows at the desk if they wanted a piece and they did, and we have put the rest away in our little refrigerator with our yogurt drinks and our beer and our pineapple juice and there is a guy playing guitar and singing in Spanish at the restaurant and the waves are shush-shush-shushing and once again, I have fallen into the spell of this place with all of me, just as I remember how I love my husband, with all of me. 

Buenos Noches, mis amores...Ms. Moon


  1. We should all have such a place on earth to restore ourselves. How lucky you are that you've found yours.

    1. And this is why when I was talking to Alec this morning at breakfast and told her how lucky I felt to be here, I cried. Because I know. I know.

    2. Gratitude and love make me tear up too.

  2. Your descriptions of your days and nights make me happy. I can't imagine how overwhelming it would be if I were actually there!

  3. So happy to know you're there having these beautiful, restful experiences.

  4. A sweet story of married love. It warmed my heart.

  5. I'm glad you are having a wonderful time with Mr. Moon.

  6. I know you love him best, but I swear -- we all love Mr. Moon out here in blogland. We love him even more because he loves you.


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