Saturday, December 31, 2016

Just Another Day

I woke up with the saddies this morning, as my friend Sue used to say, which seems impossible here in paradise but it happens and then I went outside to see a gloomy day, raining a little, a gentle spit here and there and I think the day will clear as island weather does. It comes and it goes with the wind and the hour.

We spoke to a Scottish woman at breakfast and she is scared for the world because of our election and all of the things happening in her part of the world as well and I teared up from frustration and fear and embarrassment and all of the things we've been feeling since the election.

The waves are coming in high this morning, splashing and frothing the walkways but still the divers will go out.

And the cruise ships will come in. 

I think we are going to town today so that Mr. Moon can watch a game in a sports bar and I am probably going to walk around and maybe shop a little. I remember when I used to love to shop in Cozumel but now I feel so shy about it and awkward and it's hard for me. Perhaps I used to want things more than I do now. But I'd love to get a few things for my grands, at least. 
We shall see. 

New Year's Eve day. I asked Sergio this morning what he is doing to celebrate and he said he will be with his family. They will have a pinata. 
"Of Donald Trump?" I asked. 
"No," he said, then, "Maybe."
I made a disparaging remark about DT and he said, "I hope he does well. If he does well, we all do well."
"You're right, you're right, you're right," I said. I felt chastened and schooled. 
And humbled. 
Still, I am not hopeful, nor was the Scottish woman but I will keep Sergio's words in my heart. 

Peace be upon us all, wherever we may be. 

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. 'if he does well'. that might be an actual hope if he had ever done well at anything.

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  4. So sorry. I don't have hope for DT, but I do have hope that there are millions of wonderful people out there, doing what they can....
    Enjoy your trip.

  5. maybe you have the saddies because it is new years eve and the world tells us we need to do something special and different on this night which ensures that it will be a disappointment every year, because what is disappointment but expectation unmet, so i plan to have no expectations for this night, and then i won't be disappointed. i hope the saddies pass. i am wrapping my around around you in my mind. i think, as much as you love paradise, you miss your babies today. we always miss our babies when we are not with them. this is a mother's heart. (and please forgive the deletions above; they were so rife with typos i thought it better for them to be gone.) i love you.

  6. I love that you are having new years there. Sad, of course, it's natural, but the beauty around so natural to you as well.

    You love the act of living, the giving and the taking and you are never short on giving. So I hope the new year brings you lots of gifts, in spirit, life and family. And I look forward, very much, to continuing this so valued friendship through 2017 and long to come.
    With Love,

  7. I hope Sergio is right. I'm not sure Donald would share his vision of what 'doing well' means though.

    Happy New Year, Mary. I hope it brings good things to you, and strength to deal with the not so good things.

  8. The SADS are a thing with me now more than ever before, I understand ...since the election , the choice of cabinet, the Trumpettes, the dismissal of intellect, has all been quite a shock- the citizens that have proven to be ill educated and violent- I am at a criss cross road-fight or flight or curl up and just take care of what's directly in front of one. Clearing out the house keeps me out of jail at present...and I am jealous of your paradise trip, it really looks wonderful!

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  10. Happy New Year to you Mrs. Moon. Cozumel seems like a fine place to be!

  11. Happy New Year Mary Moon. I love you and wish you and your beautiful family everything wonderful in the new year! Thank you for your inspiring posts from your trip. I want to go❤

  12. Happy New Year to you. I am trying to have hope for the new year. Because I am heartened by the people who hold hope for us all, I am trying to be as hopeful as I can be with them. Some days, though, it is really hard to be hopeful.

  13. Sergio sounds like he could teach us all a thing or two about approaching the future with equanimity.


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