Friday, December 23, 2016

Cozumel, Day Two

This water.

Soft, soft. Breeze. Colors. Smells. Sea gull cries. Palm fronds rustling. The gardener's watering spray as he tends to the plants.

Yes. We are here. Cozumel gets busier and more fancy every time we come. This is the way of the world. Still, many things are the same.
The water. The sky. The sounds. The smells. The food.

The people.

As the plane approached Cozumel yesterday I broke down in quiet weeping once again. Sobs wracked me when I saw the green of the Yucatan rising from the sea.

This is my heaven.

And we're off to the car rental agency to get the REAL car!
Some things really don't change.
And that is so okay.

All is so well.

Love...Ms. Moon


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