Friday, December 9, 2016

Tiny Miracle Of The Day

Last night when I went to put the chickens up, little Dearie was not on her roost with her sister Violet. My heart sank. I remembered that hawk hitting Violet the other day and how he dropped her when I ran into the yard and screamed at him and worried like crazy that he'd come back and gotten my sweet little black and white bird, named by Gibson.
But this morning there she was, running back and forth outside the coop, trying to figure out how to get in to be with the rest of the birds. She must have gotten scared by something and not made her way back to the hen house with the rest of the flock but came out of her hiding spot this morning and now she's pecking corn with the others, and my heart is so cheered to see that tiny little bird.

Also? Mick Jagger's 29-year old ballerina girlfriend has given birth to his eighth child- a son. He is 73 years old, a grandfather and a great-grandfather. The UK Daily Mail reports that he was "at bedside" when his son was born.
This is hardly what one would call a miracle but somehow, it makes me smile.
The old man is still capable, it would appear, of getting satisfaction.

And off I go, more cheered than I was when I awoke, to babysit my August, to see what this cold day in December will bring.

Happy Friday, y'all.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Good morning Dearie and other Dearie too! Mick that little crower. Snow here Mary!

  2. So happy Dearie showed up. She is a lovely chicken. We get so attached to the critters we care for, don't we?
    My son and I were marveling at Mick Jagger's latest child, doing the math on the age difference, it's crazy. I thought I was an old parent! Thanks for the laugh about it :)
    It is beyond cold here, our mild sunny November made these negative number wind chilled snowy days more miserable. I amuse myself looking at real estate in southern climates.
    Have a great day with that beautiful boy. xo

  3. Enjoy your darling August. My youngest was also an observer. Later on, they surprise you with all the connections they quietly made as they were observing.

  4. I hope you both have a wonderful time together. I can almost feel that boy's brain working behind those eyes...

  5. glad to hear little Dearie is safe though not so heartened by Mick's new child. 73 yr old men should not be siring children. I have no reason to support this feeling, just that I think it's wrong.

  6. Snow here.

    I heard about Mick Jagger became a dad again. Crazy! I wonder how old the world's oldest father is? I am just glad for menopause so I don't have that option.

    Give August a kiss for me.

  7. Jesus, Mick, really???

    ~Beth, I am a midwife with some attitude, Coyote


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