Monday, December 21, 2015

Not A Symbol, Merely Rain Protection

In the holiday spirit now!

Unlike last night, I refuse to make a metaphor of the fact that there are black tarps hanging off my front porch roof down to the very porch itself, making my house a cave of darkness.


Season of light?

No. No. Not going to go there.

But I can imagine people driving by and saying, "Wow. That family must really hate Christmas!"


  1. finally got too dark to work even with a flashlight? I do not have a porch on this house, something I really miss. where am I supposed to put my big rocker?

  2. Christmas draped in black, Way cool, Trendsetter!

  3. Just found you via Wisewebwoman. You are a hoot and a half. Love your sense of humor!

  4. Ah, yes, the trouble with seeing meaning in everything ... steady, Ms Moon!

    My husband has been busy with home improvements as well. It seems like a busy enough time of year without the added mess and inconvenience, but I am so happy he cares enough to work at it and get it done. Let's be thankful together.

  5. Honey, time to put up the Christmas shroud!

  6. Ellen Abbott- Yep. Plus they were exhausted. No porch? That's horrible!

    Linda Sue- We are in mourning for autumn? Maybe?

    Elizabeth- And to you too!

    Hattie- Thanks! Welcome!

    jenny_o- I am so very grateful! Mess or not. It's getting done.

    Jo- That made me laugh. Indeed!


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