Tuesday, December 22, 2015

First Day Of Winter And I Am Barefoot

Last night Maurice woke me up and I got up to let her in and go see what was happening on the back porch because I heard rain falling. For a second, I could feel the change of the planet into the solstice, the cool air from inside the house mixing with the warmer, wet air from the outside and in my sleepy mind it felt as if it were all moving in parabolas and why that word came to me, I do not know but it did.

It is still raining this morning, still gently. I went to take the sheets from the bed to wash but found this.

She meowed and I did not move her. I can get to those sheets later. 

I went to let the chickens out and the yard to me is beautiful right now in its gray wetness.

Mick admiring the form and posture of Miss Trixie. 

The resurrection fern on one of the old oaks, painting its elephant-hide bark with green.

The garden. A source of my wealth.

The candy-striped camellia.

The seafoam camellia.

Bad, mean Santa, guarding the kitchen porch. 

There you have Lloyd this morning, or at least my tiny corner of it. Cars go by, their wheels make a hiss, hiss on the wet road. The rain falls a heartbeat and a splash and a lullaby and a comfort. The tiny finches twitter, the cardinals make their chip, chip sound. 

Here is the song I have in my head. 

As sweet and gentle as this day.

Merry winter and so on and so forth.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. my cat wakes me up in the wee hours to let her out. I make her come in at night because that's when the feral cats roam and she's been injured three times. it's not safe for kitties out there at night. no rain today but overcast and humid and yes, I am barefoot.

  2. I love seeing your bad santa come out every year around this time. I need to find me one of those. Ha!

  3. I don't move Norbert when I want to change the beds either. Or sometimes I do because it is much fun for him to run around the top of the bed while I am making it!

  4. What a beautiful corner of the world you live in! I love that you appreciate it so.

  5. The photo of your big yard this morning brings calm to me. Your writing does too. I love you a lot.

  6. Oh my, that seafoam camellia is breathtaking in its perfection! Such a sucker for tradition I am, it makes me very happy to see Bad Santa making his annual appearance. I missed the pic of your beautifully decorated chicken salad at Thanksgiving, it always gives me joy to see. It is warm and gently raining here also. I have lantana and roses blooming. Strange, but I'm not complaining.

  7. Ellen Abbott- Maurice has her own door to come and go through but sometimes she just wants the shortcut and that ensures that someone will get up and make sure her bowl is full.
    I have to say I am loving this rain, this warm weather.
    Still barefoot tonight. And it feels good.

    Aspen- The light thing that goes inside of him rusted to pieces so now he is just Bad Santa with no illumination. That makes me sad. I should rig up something to make him even more evil again.

    Birdie- Maurice would just jump off the bed and shoot me the cat's middle finger. I know it.

    Angella- I do. I may be ridiculous, but I do.

    Joanne- And I love you. I am so glad to be able to offer calm in this season of crazy.

    Maggie May- So do I. So much. It offers deliciousness and freshness all winter long.

    Angie D- The chicken salad is for Christmas Eve. I will post you a picture. Thank you for being here and remembering all of these things.

    Bethany- So small, so simple, so perfect.

  8. Camellias are out here as well. Very warm and steamy with the high humidity. Time to get a few things done. But mostly we are just enjoying the quiet time when there are fewer cars on the road. Enjoying hearth with no fire and home.


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