Saturday, December 14, 2013

What Are You Doing Today? and Read Any Good Books Lately?

100% chance of rain today and the man is coming home as it is raining in Georgia too and the coming-on-full moon is discouraging the deer from moving about. Also, he forgot to take his pillows. He told me that he wasn't rushing home and I knew what that meant- he's going to stop in every roadside junk/antique place to try and find me Christmas presents and that only added another dump truck load of guilt on my already crushed shoulders. I told him not to do that, that I don't need anything. He said, "You read my mind."
"Well don't do it," I said.
He's going to do it anyway.

I made a chicken salad last night with my new knife and it went so well that I have to admit that my children did have a point (no pun intended) about my lack of a proper chopping knife. When I bought the knife, the woman at the restaurant supply place assured me that this knife is the one Rachel Ray uses for everything.
"Well, I'm not Rachel Ray," I told her. Owen was hiding in the racks of kitchen wares and Gibson was fussing for his nap and I just wanted to get out of there and get home and take a nap myself.
"You could be," the woman said.
I had no reply to this. Why would I want to be Rachel Ray? I'm a little fuzzy on who she is, exactly, beyond being a woman who cooks on the TV.
But I will say that this knife (which appears to have no connection to Rachel Ray or any TV chef at all) is a fine tool that I will be using, probably for the rest of my life.

In another, completely non-related topic, there's a thing going around the Facebook and I believe I was even "tagged" for it in which you're supposed to list ten books that "have stayed with you in some way."
I'm not even doing this and I'll tell you why. That list would have to include the book Faye Grant probably found at the dump in the fourth grade and shared with me and it was WEIRD, WEIRD, WEIRD and fourth-graders should not have been reading it as it included a scene where a pregnant woman was killed and her breasts cut off and her unborn baby cut from her and...
See what I'm saying here? You think a book like that, read in the fourth grade wouldn't "stay with you"?
So any list I made would necessarily have to include this horrorshow of a book and I don't remember the name of it.
Plus, my list would probably include at least three books by Louisa May Alcott because I read Little Women, Little Men, and Eight Cousins so many times that they became part of my very DNA, twisting around the strands of it and part of me will always be in the attic with Jo, eating an apple and writing and blotting up ink stains. Of course I wanted my own school where boys worked and played and learned Good Lessons about life and philosophy and all fell deeply in love with me and my darling professor husband. And oh, GOD, how I wanted an uncle like Rose's Uncle Alec, a father-figure for the ages and what girl wouldn't want seven male cousins to do her bidding and take her on adventures and then there was Phoebe, the maid who could sing like a bird and who was Rose's best friend and confidant whom Rose took under her wing and taught to read and thus changed her life forever and ever, AMEN? A fucking codependant's dream!
And there's four books right there.
Everyone else is listing books by people like John Irving who makes me profoundly uncomfortable and oh, I don't know. I don't actually read the lists.
I'm not a good person to tag on Facebook concerning lists of things. Sorry.

Have you seen the video here? 
Can you stand it? There's some really fucked-up people in the world and a lot of them are on TV and I am so grateful for Jon Stewart.

Well, I guess that's all I want to talk about right now. They're doing something in front of my house and maybe it's that repaving of the road they've been talking about.

I don't know why they're repaving the road. The road appears fine to me. Next they're going to lay the 1/8th of a mile of sidewalk, I suppose, which goes from nowhere to nowhere but which will pass in front of my house and require the removal of some azaleas. Big doin's in Lloyd. At least the sidewalk will give my grandkids a place to use sidewalk chalk on other than my porch floor. And they can ride their tricycles up and down it even though I'll have to stand there and guard them every second because I don't trust people not to run off the road and hit them.
"Here comes a car!" I'll scream and they'll have to scramble to safety although where safety will be, I do not know.

God. I've wasted half the day. I need to go to the store and buy food to chop with my new knife. I should go Christmas shopping. Do you suppose that Rachel Ray does her own Christmas shopping? If she has an assistant to do that shit maybe I WOULD like to be her.

Not gonna happen.

Happy Saturday, y'all.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Thank goodness for Jon Stewart.

    Boy, am I glad they cleared up that wee problem of the color of Santa!!!

    And congrats on your sidewalk. We have them all over the place in Seattle.

    XXX Beth

  2. They are going to cut down about 23 miles of trees along I-26 in SC. It's the road that leads to Charleston. What a bunch of thugs with chainsaws--all because people text or use their phones or fall asleep and drive off the road into a tree. No tree has ever jumped out in front of a car that I know about. Makes me hopping mad.

  3. Syd- People suck. Let me just say that. And honestly? This bit of sidewalk is nothing. It'll be fine.

  4. Beth- But the color of Jesus? Still under debate. Haha!

  5. Thank goodness for Jon Stewart! And I couldn't do that list thing either, I have trouble remembering any books I've read some days, I read my old book reviews and marvel at what I can't remember.
    Ah la, as you would say.

  6. I hate those Facebook lists. I never do them.

    I'm laughing at your "horrorshow" of a found book, though, because my friend John and I found a paperback in the middle of the road one time when we were in about 10th grade. It was called "Nazi Sadist," as I recall, and was a gay sex novel. This was in PASCO COUNTY. How that book wound up in the middle of the road in my placid hometown I have no idea. (I just tried to Google "Nazi Sadist gay novel" to see if that really was the name of the book, but predictably I got all kinds of scary pages and now I am probably on an NSA watch list.)

    I don't really understand the appeal of Rachel Ray, but I am impressed with that saleswoman's technique!

  7. Jon Stewart for President, I say.

    I LOVED Eight Cousins, maybe best of all. You know what I remember most? 'Eye of Dod'.

    Rachel Ray, pff. It's a strange thing to aspire to, being a tv chef. I thought she was more of a cooking talk show host, but I don't know.

    Tell Mr M to save his pennies for Mexico :)


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