Sunday, December 8, 2013

My boys. Gibson walking down the railroad tracks. Owen posing in the jungle with his baby pet rhinoceros.
What? You can't see the rhinoceros?
Trust me. It's there.
Just as earlier he was pretending that he had two grandsons that he was going to take for a ride on the four-wheeler after he stopped and got gas.
His grandsons' names are Stinky and Toilet Paper.

Swear to god.

They knock me out.


  1. How can your heart handle it Ms. Moon? Seriously.

  2. Too sweet!
    I'm so ready for grandkids.... Too bad my kids aren't working on that!

  3. Those photos knock ME out. Seriously. And I do see that rhino just off to the right.

  4. I'm kind of glad I don't see Stinky and Toilet Paper.

  5. You write so well about the place where you live that when I see the photos, I can feel what it's like to be there. The air and the scent and the sun. And how sweet that those boys are playing at being you and boppy!

  6. Jill- I do cry more than I should. My heart can't take it. It just starts randomly leaking.

    Sylvia- Darn kids! They're not being sympathetic to your needs!

    Elizabeth- Exactly!

    Steve Reed- They probably look a lot like Owen and Gibson.

    Ms. Vesuvius- I know. I asked him, "Are these your boys or your GRAND boys?" and he insisted that they were his grandsons. Probably just because he was talking to me.

  7. Oh the joys, I'm reading backward through your recent posts and I'm so happy to read this one after the previous one. The most magical years are upon you with those boys, they are so adorable and funny. Stinky and toilet paper is priceless. Playing in bamboo is one of my top five childhood memories.

    My son wanted me to name our daughter Trac-Toe when he was five. Said he liked the sound of it. Crazy kids :)

  8. Stinky and TP--gotta love those kids.

  9. Our youngest had two imaginary friends named Stunt and Cherarr. I accidentally sat on those two, left those two behind, forgot to serve meals to those two more times than you can count.
    Train tracks scare me. When I was a girl, I knew a girl who had gotten her toes chopped off when her foot was caught in the train tracks. I've been leery of them ever since, when I have to cross them, I move like someone is chasing me. HAHA! True!


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