Saturday, December 7, 2013

Blessing Hearts Right And Left

My God.
I gave the "g" the capital in this case for my new best friend, C, who hates religion but who is definitely into GOD.
Who is C, you might ask?
Well, he is one of the mighty fine tech support persons for with whom I spent more time on the phone today than I have ever spent in my life with anyone, or at least since I was a teenager.

This is a long story. It involves things like a rainstorm, a power outage, Google Apps admin sites, and my site domain name. And a google tech support guy whom I did not talk to but with whom I e-mailed whose name was Jesus and let me say thank you, sweet Jesus! and when I told C about Jesus, he directed me to his own personal testimony and poetry-about-God website and told me that there are no coincidences.
I was also counseled by two husbands of Facebook friends, one of whom is our own Mel. 
So, yeah. All of that happened, as the cool kids say these days. Or do they? I don't fucking know because I am neither cool nor a kid but I sort of love the way that sounds. "So that happened."
Uh-huh. It did. All of it.

And no, I don't need to tell the whole story. I just need to say that technology is a bitch and sometimes it makes us its bitch and that's why we need tech help, so we can make technology OUR bitch. And sometimes you get some vague anonymous person who may be efficient and who may know what he or she is doing but with whom you do not form a close and personal bond and sometimes you luck out and get someone like C who stayed WAY late after his shift ended to help me and who now knows about my dead rats and my chickens and TOO MUCH NATURE and I know where he was born and about his belief in God (but not in a pushy way) and who, when my power went out, still managed to get me through things as I sat on the steps of the one porch on the house where I can get cell phone reception, with my toes being rained on and my computer in my lap, not quite being rained on, still getting internet because my router is plugged into what is apparently an amazing back-up battery power strip.
He was the most patient and dedicated person I've personally not-really-but-almost met in forever and ever.
And IF you are reading this, he did his job. There were a few moments when the blog disappeared entirely and I made little whimpery mewing noises in my throat and said things like, "Have I told you how much my blog means to me?" and he said things like, "Yes. Yes you have. That's why we're going to figure this out," in his manly voice which sounds like a cross between Bill Clinton's and Roy Blount, Jr's. Which is to say, southern. And a voice you can trust.

So. Good God.
That's for you, C, if you ever figure out how to get my blog up on your own personal computer. Haha! No, seriously. I hope you do. Please forgive all the profanity here. I don't know how you personally feel about profanity. Did Jesus talk about profanity? I don't remember.
You went way beyond and above what you had to do and you did it cheerfully. Don't you think I don't appreciate that because I do.
At one point when I couldn't pull up my blog, I said, "May I begin drinking heavily now?" and he said, "Sure! Go ahead!" I didn't but I did fold my clothes while he was muttering about technical things that I do not understand one bit and that was soothing in and of itself.
He also told me that he and his wife have been married for ten years and have never had one argument. Maybe he's a saint. Or maybe he's married to a saint. Or maybe they're both saints. I don't know, but when it was time for us to hang up, to end our transient yet productive and somehow very, very meaningful relationship, I feel we were both reluctant.

We were ships, passing in the internet night. It was a beautiful thing.

And now here I am, not blogless at all, and the rain is dripping off the leaves in the dark and I have discovered that incense is far superior to scented candles in masking the odor of dead rodent and I have the most delicious pizza in the world to heat up for my supper and Prairie Home Companion is on.

I reached out for help today and I received it from lots of people and although I am not a believer in
the sort of god who does that sort of thing, who answers, uh, calls for help, I AM a believer in the sweetness and goodness of a broad swath of humanity and my faith in that was verified and fortified and made bona fide.

And I'm exhausted. But as far as I know, I have successfully paid for five years of Blessourhearts having its own domain name. I was going to prepay for ten years but then I considered that either I or the internet might not be here for that long and so I only paid for five.
And what more can I say beyond Bless our hearts?

I can't think of one damn thing except to say thank-you to everyone who helped me today. And I mean it.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Well, bless your heart, you have had a DAY! Thank you for signing up for 5 more years. I do light up when I see a new post.

  2. Well this is the very opposite of your previous post and isn't life so darn wondrous sometimes.

  3. I'm having domain issues, too. And weirdness from Google Apps, too. I would love to call on Jesus, too. The sweet one who helped you.

  4. Allison- I sort of wanted to tell C that my blog meant something to other people too but it seemed too big-in-the-britches. But thank you for saying that. I mean it.

    Angella- I know! But I have to tell you that I had to set so many new passwords today and the letter "f" was in many of them and it stood for...the f word. Ha! I should have just used FAY for all of them. Standing of course for Fuck Alla Yall. But seriously, I learned a lot about human kindness today. I did.

  5. Gradydoctor- Send an email to google tech support about your issues. Try that. And you can email me although I don't know if I can help you. Google Apps is totally failing and I am out of them as applies to my domain name. They really need to get their shit together.

  6. Blog. Disappeared. Entirely?!
    I honestly don't know what I'd do without having my heart blessed by you.

  7. That was quite the experience. I think I'd been somewhat crestfallen if I came *here* and there was NOTHING.
    I've experienced blog withdrawal before.
    It gets me all mushy inside. Not pretty. Not pretty at all.

  8. Thank the good lord and Jesus for saving your blog!

    This was hilarious -- every single word.

  9. Well I am certainly glad you are not blogless. And I'm looking forward to the next five years!

    I don't have a domain name. Do I need a domain name? Hmmm....

  10. You know, I once had a cable guy come out in the pouring rain on Sunday and fix my whatzit. It was truly horrible outside and he was polite and sweet and sooo patient. When he learned I was a midwife, he thought our jobs were sorta the same, bad hours, terrible weather and ultimately happy people.

    I fell in love with him a little. I think the real saints are ordinary people among us. And sometimes we get to be saintly.

    XXXX Beth

  11. While i may not comment often, i must stop to say i'm glad you are still here.

  12. What was that song from years ago..."What if God was one of us..."? Well, you've shown us that.

    And when you wrote:
    "I AM a believer in the sweetness and goodness of a broad swath of humanity and my faith in that was verified and fortified and made bona fide."
    I could almost hear you "preach" it, and I was a witness to your church!

    Thank you for investing in five years.

  13. Thank goodness and C and Jesus you got your domain secured for 5 more years. I was getting panicky, thinking OK, worst case scenario, we export your blog to a file or wordpress or anywhere so it is not lost. I back mine up to wordpress just in case because I'm a digital hoarder :) Technology is such a pain in the ass, though. I'm getting ready to buy myself a mac because I am so fed up with windows and pc's. I'll probably be calling out for your help when I can't figure out the little things!

    Every time I go down a rabbit hole trying to solve a tech problem, computer or iphone, like my chronic browser problems or windows file thrashing or whatnot, I am amazed at the number of long running problems without solutions, the number of people on help boards with no solutions or worse, fake solutions that don't work. I can always find a chat thread about the problems, and almost never a workable solution.

    Well, thank goodness you found the right tech people, and isn't it funny the connections you can make with them? I have fond memories of a router support call to the Phillippines, such a lovely and patient lady who spent hours with me until things worked. I bet you made C's day.

  14. Bless you Ms. Moon.

    C sounds lovely and I hope he joins our little community here and can handle the profanity.

    My most favorite times are when my faith is restored in humanity. And I think part of that is being open to that and looking for it and accepting it. Life is happier when you believe in people.

  15. I once had a tech support experience with an Eastern European guy who was perfectly laconic and sexy sounding. And in the end, after protracted, mysterious instructions, it was suddenly fixed, and I said, oh! It's working, did you do that, or did it just happen? and he said, in his wonderful accent, 'we did it together'. I felt like I'd just had phone sex :)

  16. I too do not comment often but read every day and your writing, such as the above blog post, soothes my soul. So I thank all yall for having the patience and fortitude to see it through and keep this beautiful blog going. In the words of the great Neil Young..."long may you run", Mary. Long may you run.
    Angie D

  17. Denise- I believe it was when I was in the midst of "Oh no! It's gone!" that a comment from you came through and I thought, well, it's visible in California! And I was so relieved.

    Bob- It is a sort of a scary thing, isn't it?

    Elizabeth- It was the most bizarre experience and I was 99% amused by it as it was happening because C was so funny and determined to get it all right.

    Steve Reed- I am pretty sure you do NOT need a domain name. It can be a hassle.

    Beth Coyote- Yes! I have fallen in love (a little bit) with cable guys and telephone guys. Young ones and old ones, thin ones and fat ones. They do the right things, they know how to fix things, they are good people. They make me believe in humanity.

    MessyMimi- And I am always glad when you do comment so thank you!

    Sylvia- I LOVE that song. I remember the first time I ever heard it. It knocked me out. Thank you for reminding me.

    Mel- I love my Macs with all of my heart. Knock wood but mine never crashes. (Please don't let me be jinxing myself.) I am so appreciative of the help your sweet man offered. I kept going to those forum links but there was a missing component to all of it and that's what Jesus provided. But you know- Google should be ashamed of themselves for this glitchiness. It was NOT me (or the hundreds of others). It was Google causing the problem.

    Jill- Life IS happier when you feel you can trust and believe in others and at my best times, I really do. And I doubt that C will become a part of this party. He is far more into belief than most of us are. He is a GOOD man, though. And I appreciate him.

    Jo- Oh my. Feeling a little swoony myself after reading that!

    Angie D- And long may YOU run, darling.

  18. I'm glad that your domain is secure. I don't know whether mine is or not. I haven't written as much as you but hope that it won't go poof and disappear. I suppose I need to download it all or something.


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