Saturday, December 14, 2013

I Went Christmas Shopping And The World Did Not Come To An End And Neither Did I

Unbelievably, I have Christmas shopped today. A little online, a little in town. So no, I didn't get much but I stabbed that attempt. I went to the New Leaf where I mostly just hugged Billy and chatted with him and also with Matt who is May's boyfriend. Whenever you ask Matt how he likes working at the New Leaf he says, "I work with beer and wine and cheese and Billy. What's not to like?"
Or something like that. It is sort of a dream job if you ask me.
I went to a new "beauty" store. I walked around it in a dream. Products galore! Body butters and creams and eye shadows and face powder and tinctures promising miracles and hair clips and brushes and lipsticks and nail polish and oh, just everything a gal could want. I bought hair pins. The regular old-fashioned big ones that you can't find anymore. Bobbi Pins? And a lipstick. Not an expensive one. And I sprayed some Chanel No. 5 on my left wrist and you know what? I think I have finally reached the age of being able to wear it.
Yep. I think maybe I have.

I was in the Bed, Bath, and Beyond buying a non-disposable coffee filter and it began to pour. The sort of rain that was loud that it was like an army of horses, their hooves thundering across the roof, and the windows in the front of the store showed a sky as black as night. I got anxious. But I got over it. And I got drenched getting back to the car but so what? It's not cold.

I bought Gibson a pair of cowboy boots. They have Woody from Toy Story on them and I have a fondness for Woody. How can you not? He is so sincere and so earnest and he loses his patience with that pompous Buzz Lightyear so easily. Now I have to find Owen a pair of cowboy boots. They didn't have any in his size at that store but I will find some. I am the MerMer of a boy who needs cowboy boots and he shall have them. I got him some last year but they are slap worn out and he's just about grown out of them too. But he still loves them.

I got home to find all of the chickens huddled up on the kitchen porch, keeping out of the rain. Also, a husband, sitting in his chair and drowsing and playing poker on his phone. It feels good to have him back and he called me beautiful. It feels good to be home after going out into the world. Bread is rising and Prairie Home Companion is on and I feel cheerful about life at this very second. This could change within the next five minutes but for right now, it's good and I am wearing red lipstick and my left wrist smells like Chanel No. 5.which I am truly old enough to wear and I suppose that is one fine thing about becoming an older woman and the good Lord knows there aren't that many fine things about becoming an older woman so I'll take what I can get and I'll sniff my wrist until the scent fades and that is good enough for now.


  1. I like the picture of your chickens huddled on the porch, out of the downpour. I can almost hear them discussing the sudden onset!

  2. I like that you had a good day. And that Mr. Moon called you "beautiful". That just tops a good day right there.

  3. You had me when Mr. Moon called you beautiful. Big sigh.

  4. I ordered two pairs of Curious George pajamas from ebay - a 3T and a 4T for two curious little boys. Let the shopping begin!! No one's called me beautiful today, s you're one up on me!

  5. Joanne- They were so bedraggled. And yes, they were talking amongst themselves. I gave them a torn-up piece of bread and they probably pooped all over the porch.

    Syd- Seriously.

    Elizabeth- I had my hair down and lipstick on. Sadly. this is so unusual that it was all it took.

    SJ- Lily already bought the boys their Christmas Eve pajamas or I would be following up on your lead. See above as to the "beautiful" comment.

  6. I went our today and did not die either but I did have to take an Ativan when I got home.

  7. Yes, you are beautiful. Mr. Moon knows what he's talking about. I like Chanel No. 5 too, but I've never owned it. Maybe someday.

    It is easier for me to fathom Christmas shopping for happy boys who love what you get them. I especially love the woody cowboy boots. I've not been to many stores, except on my excursion to the city and all I did was hold place in line while my daughter shopped. That I could handle.

    I'm glad there is something fine about being an older woman, some days I have to look way to hard to find it. Maybe I need a nice perfume on my wrist, that should help :)

  8. No one's called me beautiful EVER, but actually I'm OK with that.

    We bought my mom a bottle of Chanel No. 5 years ago, but she never goes anywhere that requires perfume and she's not much of a perfume wearer anyway. I bet it's still basically untouched in her bathroom cabinet.

    I love that image of the chickens huddled on the porch. :)

  9. This is perfect. I love that he calls you beautiful.

  10. Birdie- How I wish I had some Ativan. But perhaps it is better that I don't.

    Mel- We take what we can get. We serve where we may. Right?

    Steve Reed- i wish I were the sort of woman who just put on perfume to go out and feed the chickens. I mean- isn't that what it's all about? Okay. Maybe not.

    Jo- It WAS!

    Angella- I do too although, as I said, I think he was just shocked to see me with lipstick on.


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