Monday, December 9, 2013

Landmarks, Life Events, And The Rolling Stones

When I was taking my walk this morning I looked over towards the truck stop which I pass every time I take a walk and I thought for about the ten thousandth time, I should take a picture of that...
and here I stumble in my thoughts because I don't know what the hell that is except that is is a large representation of a human, and quite possibly Johnny Appleseed. I don't know if it's what we'd call a statue or just, well, something. And I don't know who made it or why but anyway, I took a picture.

Here's what it looks like from across the road:

Can you see him there in the middle of the picture? He's rather huge-ish. 
Here he is close up:

I'd always thought he was holding a cup of coffee and a doughnut but I've come to think that yes, it is a coffee cup but what I thought was a doughnut (which would make sense) is actually an apple. Mr. Moon says it is a doughnut. I think it's Johnny Appleseed whether he's holding an apple or not. It needs fresh paint and there is no denying that. 

So yeah. That's one of the biggest landmarks in Lloyd. Are you impressed? 
I thought you would be.

I spent nineteen minutes and twenty-six seconds of my day watching what for me is more satisfying by far than porn and actually, is porn for me if you define porn as something which gets you excited. It doesn't have to mean sexually excited, does it? Okay, to be honest, sex was not entirely out of the picture but for those of you younger than I am by a good many years, that will be hard to understand and may even have a tinge (or more) of the ick factor and I understand but wait until you get old. What I watched was a thing that Australian Sixty Minutes did (I didn't even know there WAS an Australian Sixty Minutes, did you?) on the Rolling Stones and here's the link for the possibly ONE of you who might want to go and see it. I wanted to embed it but that ain't happening due to circumstances beyond my control. The Stones are going to tour Australia next year and at least one Australian (the guy who did the interview) is very, very excited at the prospect. It reminded me of the part in Keith's book about the time he spent a week or so with a woman in Australia who had access to very good pharmaceutical cocaine and how he stayed with her baby boy (hey- it was the old days!) while she went to work and changed his little nappies. The then-baby probably has kids of his own now. I wondered if the mom ever told the kid, and if so- will he go and see his famous babysitter when he's in Australia? 
Ah, the places the mind will go. 
Anyway, it was a good piece and Charlie Watts even spoke some, possibly the most reticent man in rock and roll. It would appear that he has his share of dark days, that one and it made me sad to think of that. earth-shaking news here, Gibson got his first haircut today. His hair has grown quite slowly and into a mullet, thus preventing the need to get it cut in order to free his eyes. Business in the front, party in the back, that's been Gibson's style, but today Lily took him to see Melissa, our favorite hair-cutter, and she tidied him all up. Here's a picture Lily sent me. 

He was a good boy, I hear, and didn't put up a fuss. And that is exactly how I would have predicted the event would go. I'll see him tomorrow and take more pictures. 

So that's been my day and it's been a good one, despite being a pain day and having a sort of quick-release valve effect going on with my tear-ducts. Ah well. Tomorrow will probably be different. 

One more thing- Sweet Jo- where did you go? 
I wish you would check in. I worry, you know.

We are all family here, in some strange and beautiful way and as such, I care. I worry if regular posters let a day go by in silence, I worry if irregular posters are silent for too long, I worry if regular commenters become absent. 
My mother frequently said to me, "Mary, you've always been a worrier."
It's true.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. I'm here and reading, though the commute into the frozen city and the social rigours of actual work at an actual office is exhausting for me. When it is all too much for me, I come here and unwind. Thank you for providing this sanctuary. Your energy is incredibly soothing.


  2. I'm here, I forgot about the statue even though I was just there 2 months ago. Too bad you weren't taking your walk when we stopped.

  3. I think that that would be way cool to be able to say Keith Richards was your babysitter.

  4. You have provoked several thoughts:
    1) I'd like to think that is a donut.
    2) I thought "quick-release valve effect going on with my" was going to end with BUTT.
    3) Now I am worried about Sweet Jo too.

  5. Well, you know I'm here. ;)

    I think that is absolutely Johnny Appleseed, donut be damned. Johnny wore britches like that.

  6. I know that's Johnny Appleseed, but I can't believe he made it as far south as Florida, given that his territory was the northeast. Maybe Lloyd's attractions were powerful enough to call him? As for the rest of the post, I'm with your first commenter -- no matter the subject your energy is at once stimulating and calming.

  7. I am here Mary. Lurking in the background quietly these days. I am on an intense travel schedule for my work. I just got home yesterday and leave again for Chicago tomorrow, then onto Dallas and DC before coming home on the 18th. Thank you for thinking about me. I am still reading each day as I find the regular groups happenings soothing in a familiar sort of way. Sweet Jo

  8. Well you know I watched, with a big grin on my face the whole time. These old rockers just delight my soul. Never in my wildest dreams would I have imagined they would all still be alive, let alone performing in their 70's! And not burnt out but seeming to really still enjoy it. They sing some of my favorite songs and their music is so timeless...just ask Owen! And although they have aged...they're still magical to me.
    Angie D

  9. First of all, I LOVE that bizarre statue, whoever it is. I tend to agree that it's Johnny Appleseed, and I don't think that's a donut -- I think it's an apple. Maybe he's drinking apple cider? Is there someone at that particular spot who sells produce or apples or something related?

    It's funny that Gibson didn't complain about his first haircut, because didn't Owen put up a fuss, as I recall? Amazing how siblings can be so different.

    I gotta go back and check out that Rolling Stones thing.

  10. Definitely Johnny Doughnut Seed. Imagine! Madam, you're going to give birth to a delicious, baby doughnut.

    Handsome Gibson!

  11. Invisigal- Ah, honey. Thank you.

    Gail- Did you notice it? That statue? What did you think of it? Did it appear to be Johnny Appleseed to you?

    Ellen Abbott- Good God, yes!

    Jill- I am so glad it was NOT my butt.

    SJ- And he has that apple-seed-holding knapsack on his back.

    Elizabeth- Maybe he fell off a truck and they just put him up. This being Lloyd, that could have happened. Why waste a perfectly good, uh, statue?

    Sweet Jo- THANK YOU! My heart can rest a little easier now.

    Angie D- You are the ONE who watched. Yay, you!
    It never would have occurred to me that those boys would still be playing at this age. Never.

    Steve Reed- Maybe it's an apple doughnut. The funny thing is, the truck stop doesn't even sell food these days. Not prepared food.
    Yes. Siblings can be so very, very different.

    Jo- Ha!

  12. I did notice it and I thought it was kind of odd....part of old Florida. He does look like Johnny Appleseed, but I sure don't know for sure. Was there something there years ago?

  13. I thought about you when I read that the Stones were touring and thought that you might jump on a plane and fly to Australia or Tokyo or one of the other places where the tour is going to occur.

    Gibson seems to take everything in stride. Happy boy!

  14. I've been up to my bunzos getting ready for our early family Christmas celebration, so I've fallen behind. Having Christmas ten days early is nuts, what can you do when life wants to keep us apart at Christmas?!
    Next week when everyone is hustling, I'll be drinking wine by the fire. And I'll toast up a cheer for you.


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