Friday, December 13, 2013

Time To Get The Aprons Out

Last night while I was moaning and whining and failing at Christmas the temperature dropped and it froze. I mean- why did I not know this was going to happen? Who knows how many porch plants I've lost because I didn't wrap those fuckers?
Had no idea until I went out this morning to feed the cat, get the paper and let the chickens out into the coop and realized that the chicken waterer was iced over.

I just suck.

Oh well. La-di-dah, it is Friday, the boys are coming soon. Last night I made up a batch of sugar cookie dough from the old cookbook that I learned to cook from which my mother gave me a copy of- best gift she ever gave me aside from the old Underwood typewriter which weighed like 75 pounds and which I loved.

I still use this cookbook. It has everything in it that you need for good, basic cooking.

And pictures. Awesome pictures. From the 1930's. 

And boys AND girls are represented. How cool is that? I'm pretty sure that's a boy on the right although there is a good possibility that a few years after that picture was taken he changed his name to Henrietta and moved to Chicago.
That looks about like my kitchen but I don't own any saddle shoes. I did back when I was a cheerleader in the 9th grade but like the typewriter, they have disappeared. 

Anyway, I made up the cookie dough and it's in the refrigerator and my plan is to have the boys help me roll it out and cut it and bake it and then decorate the cookies and HAVE I LOST MY MIND? 
Yes. Yes. I have. 
You know this is going to be the biggest mess ever. 
If I had the sense god gave a june bug I'd bake those cookies by myself before they got here and just let them throw sprinkles on them but where's the fun in that? 

So to sum up, it's freezing here, the flour is about to fly everywhere, the sun is shining, and Mr. Moon is sitting in a deer stand in Georgia so that he can kill a deer, cut the head off, stick it on the wall and we can have the body for dinner. 

Happy Friday, y'all. 

Love...Ms. Moon  


  1. Did you tie a string to a june bug's leg and fly it around when you were little? Yeah. We're southern women, MM.

  2. That boy is most definitely living in Chicago. I think he likely owns a mens club where he is head chef. On some weekends he goes drag and dances for the patrons under the name Henrietta Habenero.

  3. I love old cookbooks.
    Wondering if you've still got sugar stuck everywhere from the decorating. A mess is okay if fun was had.

  4. I am going to laugh every time I read Owen's hunting summation.

  5. SJ- I did not. But I did a whole lot of other stuff. Trust me.

    Birdie- You know what? You made me laugh. Which means you're still here and I am so glad!

    Denise- I've cleaned up the sugar but I have the pictures and memories. It was a good day.

    Mr. Downtown- Me too, honey. Which is why I have repeated it. I mean- holy shit! He totally gets it!

  6. Or maybe it's a girl, but she changed her name to Henry and moved to Chicago?

    It IS cool that a book from that era included both genders. That seems unusually progressive for the time.

  7. Steve Reed- Yet another possibility.

  8. That is a really avant garde book because the man is wearing an apron. And he does look like a she kinda.


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