Thursday, December 5, 2013

So Much Sweetness In The Bitter

I did walk through the woods and as my husband the hunter says, the deer are moving. Their tracks were everywhere on the soft sand road but more strange were the prints of a pair of flip-flops, the old rubber kind we all used to wear. Or least those of us raised here in Florida where you could buy those things in a bag that seemed pre-used, a sort of cloudy inferior plastic, the rubber thongs inside new as morning though, and ready for us to wear as at least token protection against what the ground hid as we ran over it.
It's so odd to me to see human prints on my walk, or at least on certain parts of it, as I hardly ever see anyone who could have left them.
Still. There was proof. Coming and going, someone in a pair of rubber flip-flops had trod down and back the same way I went.

I went to town and dropped off Mr. Moon's lunch and soup for Hank and then he and I and Lily went to lunch at a fairly fancy-pants place and Hank knew everyone who worked there and it was good food and we talked about a lot of things and there is such comfort in being with my children. They know me inside and out and they love me and they know that I feel the same about them.
And isn't that what we all want? To be known thoroughly, the good and the bad about us as blended and indistinguishable from each other as a completely emulsified dressing of oil and vinegar and still, for all of that, loved? Even cherished?
I think so.

Anyway, that was mostly it today. Lunch. Lily and I had planned on some sort of adventure while the boys are gone but both of us wanted a nap more than anything and so we went by the grocery store because it had to be done as it always has to be done and then I dropped her off and came home and laid down and luxuriated in the the laying down of body and soul in the daylight and slept for a little while and when I got up, I found another green egg in the pot on the porch and it felt like another gift and then that moon rising there up above- yet one more.

I see that Nelson Mandela has died and what a gift to this world, to all of us, he has been. I hope that his death was a good one, that he received the gift of a good passing. If there are such things as Bodhisattvas, he was one, without doubt. We were so lucky to have him, which brings me to a video I watched this afternoon.
A fan of Jason Mraz wanted so badly to sing a song with him and he obliged her. It is so beautiful. And the song they did was "Lucky."


Thanks, everyone for being part of my gifts, my luck. Thank you for leaving your footprints on this path I walk. They remind me that no, I am not alone, and that I am indeed, quite rich in all of it.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Lunch was great! I am so happy to have a family that laughs together.

  2. Quite a day's journey, from the honorably washed floors to the phantom footsteps to that deep nourishment with your kids. And though it's been a very long time
    since I embroidered I remember it as peacefully engaging, with my basket of shining, silky colors. Wishing you serenity.

  3. What a sweet day you had with your kids. As Mr. DT said, I'm also happy that you have a family that laughs (and loves) together.

    And that video made me cry; not sure why, it was just so cool that Jason Mraz did that with a fan. She had such a nice voice and he honestly seemed to enjoy singing and playing with her!

  4. I think that is a beautiful picture that you have as your header now.

  5. p.s. I didn't know Nelson Mandela had died. He is one of my heroes and will always be an inspiration in my life, but I think he is probably happier now. He walked a very long road.

  6. That video also made me cry because of how precious it is.
    Mr. Mandela has been so sick for so long, it was time he moved on to the next world to end his suffering.
    You saw footprints in the sand, I followed footprints in the snow. Same same, save for geography.

  7. I also hope Mr. Mandela passed without difficulty and with a gentle transition. He was a great man who had experienced so much in his life. Yet he bore it all with a strength and dignity.

  8. Oh, I loved that video -- so unexpectedly sweet. Thank you for posting it.

  9. You know Robert Frost's poem "A Tuft of Flowers", in which the narrator recognizes a kinship with an unknown grass-mower who had spared a clump of butterfly weed out of "sheer morning gladness", just as he, the narrator, might have done? Flipflop prints of another walker on your path made me think of that.

  10. Mr. Downtown- And dances together. Sometimes. I love you!

    A- It IS a peaceful thing to do. I am enjoying it although I am not so very good at it.

    Lulumarie- Exactly how I felt about the video. I am certain most artist/fan encounters do not go that beautifully.
    I agree with you on Mr. Mandela's death. He deserved peace after a life long-lived and so well-lived.

    heartinhand- Yes. Same-same. Thoughts/footprints. Let us keep walking.

    Syd- Absolutely!

    Elizabeth- It charmed my heart. A lot.

    Anonymous- Oh. Thank you SO much.

  11. Hey, I saw that moon here in California!!!
    And I've been to the Hotel Cafe many times. It holds a very sweet spot in my life.
    So, in a way, our footsteps are on the same path, too.
    Thank you for a beautiful post. Mrs. Moon.


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