Tuesday, December 10, 2013

The Boy Report

That is Gibson eating Chex Mix. He looks very handsome with his new haircut. He is learning words at the rate of one per minute. He calls earrings "ningnings." He says my necklace is pretty. When we were playing in the bamboo (collecting baby animals in our backpacks) he made growly noises. He likes ME to feed him his cut-up pieces of grilled cheese sandwiches. "Bite?" he asks, and I pop one into his mouth and he says, "Yummy!"
And when his Boppy gets home, he is done with me and I am not even pond scum. I am the poop of whatever eats the pond scum.
Ah well.
By the time Boppy gets home, I am ready for a break.

Owen is growing so fast. My Lord. He ate: Chex Mix, tortilla chips, a grilled cheese sandwich, a tangerine and then he asked for more. "What you got, Mer? I hungry!" he says. He is getting so long and he is slim like a whippet. He shows me his Taekwondo moves. He is getting good. He pretends he's turning into the Incredible Hulk and he holds his forehead in both hands and he shakes all over and he growls and it's frightening and then he falls to the ground and pretends to pass out and then he wakes up and he shakes his head and says, "What happened?"
I don't even know what to say. It's so realistic that it sort of actually scares me.

These boys. They will be back tomorrow. I told Owen that when I was kissing him good-bye. "Will Boppy be here again?"
They want that grandfather.
But until he gets here, I will do.

Hank finished up at Tallahassee Community College today. I am so proud of him. He got let go from the state when (P)Rick Scott dumped all the state workers and he decided to go to school. He did it. And now he's done and he's figured out a whole new life.
That's the sort of guy he is. He makes up his mind, he does it. He doesn't complain and he just does it. And seems to have a lot of fun while he's doing it. Whatever it is.
How is that my child? I do not know. I am so glad he is, though.

And that's my boy report today.

They make me happy.
Oh wait- so does Boppy who snuggles and kisses those boys and plays Wii sword fighting with them (even though Owen always wins) and teaches them to fish by hooking a stuffed fish to one of his fishing poles and lets them crank it in from the hallway to the couch.
And is, in all ways, a most superior man.

All right. That's all. I'm exhausted. Supper's almost ready.

Sleep tight, y'all. It has dropped probably fifteen degrees since this morning and it will be cozy in the bed and somehow I managed to get the sheets off the bed today, washed and back on.
Oh man. This is going to be AWESOME!

Also? The Stench of Death is not here today. It may be gone. And the mouse/rat bowling alley in the ceiling and walls has closed down.

Yeah. It's good.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Such a beautiful boy report. Congrats to Hank!!!

  2. So much going on. That Gibson boy - he beams even as he eats chex mix.

  3. I am glad I did it and glad it is done.

  4. Hooray for all of those males in your life. Delightful!

  5. Tell Boppy for me that I love him too. And your mom...well, she's got a restless ghost. And you ain't to blame, not at all. You made your life into a fine and sweet thing.

    XXXXXXX Beth

  6. Glad all the boys are well! The death stench will probably diminish a lot in cold weather, I would think. NOTHING is better than freshly washed sheets.

  7. Angella- He's so awesome, my Hank.

    Jill- ESPECIALLY when he's eating Chex Mix!

    Mr. Downtown- I bet you are!

    Denise- So many boys in my life now! It's odd but I like it. And I grew up with three brothers.

    Beth Coyote- I will tell Boppy. He will smile. Thank you.

    Steve Reed- Such an everyday (or week, at least) luxury. Clean sheets. Sigh...

    Elizabeth- And I love yours.

  8. Hank is doing great, bouncing back from what idiot Scott did. Good for him.

    I don't remember preferring one grandparent over another. I loved them both. My Papa had a stroke so he walked with a cane and Nannie taught me a lot about literature and poetry. They were loving and so good to me. Just as you and Mr. Moon are to the boys. They will remember all that you have done.


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