Saturday, December 28, 2013

Rambly Post

Almost every morning little Miss Honey who is not part of my flock and who officially lives next door comes running up as I go out to feed the cats and open the sliding panel for my chickens so they can move into their coop.
I usually give her some sort of treat. This morning it was the rest of the grits I cooked the other night. She is no longer laying in the garage but she gave us so many eggs over the summer that I do not begrudge giving her breakfast most mornings. She's independent, that one, aligning herself with no rooster at all, and she must be wary and wily to stay safe on her own.

It's so funny how I've come to love these feathered little creatures who live in my world. They have such distinct personalities.

Here's a first-world problem: my damn coffee maker, which is not that old, is not keeping my coffee hot. Am I going to have to start pouring it into a thermos when it's made? What a pain in the ass.

It's still gray. Gray as the old gray mare. Gray as Richard Gere's hair. Gray, gray, gray.

I think Mr. Moon is coming home today. He called me last night while I was eating my soup and watching "You've Got Mail!" Good Lord. I didn't even like that movie very much when it came out. Hey! What's happened to Meg Ryan? She started dating old what's-his-face, John Mellencamp, took to wearing leather jackets and I haven't seen her since. Anyway, poor Mr. Moon. He asked how I was doing and I just sobbed. Boo-hoo-hoo. I apologized about fifty times in five minutes for being such a nut case.
I feel better now.

I guess I'll take down the Nativity today, put Buddha back on the flat rock he lives on in the library. Baby Jesus needs to rest and recharge after his annual appearance in the manger. I'm just so glad I don't have a damn Christmas tree to take down. I mean, SERIOUSLY glad. With-all-my-heart glad. I just went to let the chickens out of the coop and saw this.

A Bradford Pear leaf has floated down to rest on the little Norfolk Island Pine I was going to use as my Christmas tree this year but never did. 
Festive, right? I think so.

Well, obviously, I don't have a thing to say today. So I'll shut up now. 

Peace, y'all.


  1. That picture is beautiful. And I am SO with you, on being glad I didn't have a tree inside. A self-decorating outside tree is perfect. :-)
    May 2014 be full of wonder and joy for you, Ms. Moon. Thanks for all the beautiful posts this year.

  2. I ripped my tree down on Boxing Day about ten minutes after my first cup of coffee.
    They don't make coffee makers like they used to. My first one lasted ten years. Every one since then, a year tops.
    I wonder if Meg still has a trout pout?

  3. My sweet as pie husband took the tree down yesterday while I was at work. He also reorganized the house to accommodate the new booty. Did I mention he also swept, mopped, and did laundry? What a good husband I have!

  4. Betsy- I hate to say things like, "Oh, I hope that 2014 is going to be so much better than 2013 has been," because I'm superstitious as hell and feel that I am going to bring down the wrath of the fate-gods but I will gladly take your wish. Thank you!

    heartinhand- That was such an unfortunate look for Meg, wasn't it? Bless her heart. Yeah, I always got my tree down the first second after Christmas.
    Therefore, not putting one up makes huge sense to me.

    Lily- SHUT THE FRONT DOOR! God. If your daddy did any of those things I'd take him to the hospital to see if he had a brain tumor. Yes. You have an amazing husband and I love him to pieces.

  5. Beautifully festive.

    Sending you good wishes for each day of the new year too. No expectations, but an open heart.

    Man, we leave our tree up longer than you guys. I love our tree. Usually it starts to depress me before New Year, because it's all Over, but I'm not feeling like that yet.

    I think my husband has started looking domestic stuff more because he's finally accepted that I'm just not gonna. More power to him :)

  6. I love your outside tree that decorated itself with nature. Only you could summon such magic! Over here, our tree is way past its prime and needles are piling up under it. I sweep and sweep but lift not a finger to take it down. Id rather just keep sweeping.

  7. I LOVE that paragraph about the grayness. That is sheer poetry, and it made me laugh.

    I'm kind of hoping Dave takes care of Christmas tree removal while I'm in Florida, but I'm not holding my breath.

    Those Bradford pears have about the prettiest fall leaves, second only to maples, I think.

  8. Jo- I don't know why a Christmas tree after Christmas is so depressing to me but it is.
    Good for your husband! He IS teachable!

    Angella- Packing everything away again is a sad task, isn't it? Yes, easier just to keep sweeping.

    Steve Reed- They are beautiful, those leaves. I hope that Dave goes ahead and cleans all the holiday stuff up. What a nice thing that would be for you to find on your return home!

  9. Great photo with the leaf on the Norfolk pine. We are weird in that we leave the tree up until New Year's Day and then it comes down. I will miss the lights though. They are really nice to have on these dark days of winter.


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