Tuesday, December 17, 2013


Gleaming new pavement shining in the morning sun. I mean- how lovely is that? I'm not sure what those tab parts are but they go all up the road. Something to do with the coming sidewalk? I have no idea.

It's cold. My spirits have dipped again. I want to run away. I don't even know where.
I suppose I could. New pavement and all. Life is full of choices. Five bazillion of them approximately every seven seconds.
Five bazillion opportunities every seven seconds to make the wrong choice.
That's what it feels like today.

Even with the new pavement leading east and west. See what I mean? East or west?

It never ends.


  1. At the end of this I just said, aw, out loud and then chuckled a little. Love you MM!

  2. I will run away with you. But yeah, I don't know where to go either.

  3. Ms Moon - I read your blog daily - however, I have never commented - but today I must. I know exactly how you feel - I could not have said it better myself. Overwhelmed and spirits dipping low. Totally want to run away - but I too have two beautiful grandsons that would miss their Memaw terribly. As I know your boys would miss their Mermer. (love what they have named us!) We will carry on like we always do and our moods will get better...I promise. Sending hugs from Minnesota! -Marcia

  4. Pavement tabs. Will the mysteries never cease? It might be fun to paint on them.....insert tab B into slot 2....

  5. We are running away to the boat for a few days. But I am feeling good, just want to use the boat before Christmas and have a few days of sunsets over the water. Maybe you and Mr. Moon are needing a few days too.

  6. Bethany- And I love you.

    Marcia- I do very much appreciate your comment AND the hug. Thank you.

    Denise- They actually lead into driveways, I notice but there is a random one in my yard. And only on one side of the street. Well, all will be revealed. Maybe.

    Syd- Or maybe right after we can get away. We need it. Now y'all have some fun and stay cozy!

  7. Those tab things ARE weird. I was going to say driveways, but it looks like that one leads directly to a fence.

    It can be difficult to see choices as opportunities rather than curses!


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