Wednesday, December 18, 2013

All Good Wishes

Goodness gracious here we are and Mr. Moon came home sick last night, a tummy upset but he got in his chair and didn't move until it was time for bed and he's feeling a little better this morning and of course he HAD TO GO TO WORK because he has a car to deliver and that's how he is.
It's probably a little bug but of course my mind goes way too many places and if I went to nursing school in order to help dispel my medical neurosis, it only did the opposite and I know just enough to scare the bejesus out of me.
What is a bejesus?

I'm insane. But we knew that.

The boys are coming over soon. A full day with them. It looks to be a beautiful day. Clear and very cool but it should warm up here in a little while.

It's Keith Richard's 70th birthday today and the 30th anniversary of his marriage to the eternally beautiful Patti Hanson. We sure didn't see that one coming forty years ago, now did we? Saved by love and music to this salty age, and may they have many more years together, may we all have many more years of his music.

Good morning. Stay warm, stay well.
Stay alive.

Love....Ms. Moon


  1. I hope Mr. Moon feels better soon. He might need some rest.

  2. I have friends who are nurses and even that scares the bejesus out of me! I've sworn off webMD and the likes. It's too much.
    I had the best sleep ever last night and want to hug the world today. Consider yourself hugged!

  3. We all just need an nap so fucking bad. That is what I'm gathering from the internet today.

    Enjoy some quality time with Keith.

  4. I think Vesuvius At Home is right. And your nursing advice has always been enormously calming to me -- I wish it were to you as well!

  5. i love that picture. there was a whole spread of his family in Vogue- think?- with all these pictures, just a life i can't imagine.

  6. Just read about Keith's birthday. Glad he is still around. And hope Mr. Moon feels better.

  7. What a great photo! We should all be so lucky. Hope Mr. Moon is on the mend.


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