Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Well, it finally happened. After a lifetime of waiting, the clean-up fairies finally arrived.
We had our modified family party. It was awesome. The menu was simple and Jessie made the best spice cake ever made on this planet or any other. She used the prune cake recipe and added chopped apples. You just can't even know how good that cake was.
And after we ate cake, I kissed everyone good-bye and got in bed. Owen and Gibson were still here! They came and kissed me good-night.
And I read for a little while and turned out the light and I went to sleep. I was asleep by 9:45. I got up about two to pee and the house was all tidy and the dishes all done and I almost cried, it was such a miracle. The rain was still coming down then but now it's just gray as hell and getting cold. And I have all day to make pies and cranberry sauce and angel biscuit dough and I don't even know what all. The boys are coming out at one and it's going to be a full day but I'm happy and I'm rested. This will be the first Thanksgiving in forever and ever that I won't have to deal with a party the night before and as much as we all love that party, I am pretty sure I couldn't be happier.

So that's the news from Lloyd. Vergil's taken Greta out for a run, guys are working on the railroad and I have no idea what they're doing but it's noisy. It's cold and it's nasty-looking but inside it's warm and cozy and I'm just going to move slowly through this day.

I hope all is well with all of you. You are in my heart and some of you were in my dreams.


Much love...Ms. Moon


  1. This post makes me warm. I love it. The family gathering sound wonderful. Cleaning fairies - good job kids!! And today will be so awesome for you, I can just tell.

  2. Just wonderful. I'm imagining how good that cake was, and the cleaning fairies, and that you got some rest. Enjoy your Thanksgiving and your loved ones all around you.

  3. I love the clean-up fairies!
    I used to do a big dinner for friends and family on Christmas. I can't remember why but one year we cancelled it and loved it. We haven't brought it back, but struggle every year with what to do....still looking for that balance between festive and utter exhaustion.

  4. So wait a minute. If I go to bed before any of my guests leave, and wake up in the middle of the night, do you think the Clean-up Fairies will come to my house too?
    That would be awesome!

  5. My son is my clean up to go guy. Since we are not having Christmas this year I'm getting started on a big dinner for tomorrow with hopefully lots of leftovers. Your posts so often sound like beloved children's books. I imagine a great deal of light must emanate from your house.

  6. Have yourself a beautiful afternoon with food and family and love!

  7. Mmmmm I could use a cleaning fairy!
    I'm craving turkey so bad! It's because I'm Canadian and I didn't get my fix last month (when we have our thanksgiving) because we went to the tackiest wedding in the world. But I digress...have a yummy day!


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