Saturday, November 16, 2013

I don't have anything interesting to say. Nothing. It's flat gray and the leaves are still dripping. My weather app says it's going to get up to 82 here today but I think that's a crack dream. I'm actually going to town in a little while to have lunch with a friend. I hope I remember how to operate a motor vehicle.

That about sums it up.

I might return a library book.
Yeah. No. That's not interesting either.


  1. Your blog is balm for my soul. Whether you think you're interesting or not. We all are happy to get a little "hello" from you in your posts.

  2. 82. It's -10C but with the wind it feels like -17C. I'm hiding in the bathroom so my dog will stop staring at me to take her out for a walk. She won't hold out much longer. Shit.

  3. The library comment is too interesting. What is it, and should I look for it when I go to one or the other of my main habit libraries this afternoon?

    Cathy in Simi

  4. Cathy- "The Radleys" by Matt Haig. I liked it a lot. I'd recommend anything by him. But that may just be my taste. Look him up and see if he sounds interesting to you.

  5. I will never grow tired of pictures of the sunset. Once I found what I thought was a moldy jalapeno beneath the cushion of my couch. I picked it up by the "stem" only to realize I was holding a dead smashed mouse by the tail. Never have such screams been heard before or since.

    I might return a library book today to. I hope the rain lets up.

  6. Well you might think you don't have much interesting to say, but Ms. Vesuvius just made me laugh out loud, so that's good.

  7. It's warm here today. But a nice change from the freezing cold and wind of a few days ago. Lazy day here.

  8. Today was my day to interact with people. One of the reasons I like this job, not that I like people in general all that much. As individuals, we're OK.

  9. Angella- On a cellular level, perhaps?
    You are a dear.

    Jill- Gotta say hello, no matter what.

    heartinhand- This is why I live in Florida.

    Ms. Vesuvius- Sounds exactly like something that would happen here. Frequently. I doubt I'd even scream. That's how used to this sort of shit I am. Ever picked up a dead bat you thought was a leaf?

    The Bug- It's funny that she thought it was a jalapeno. Funny what the brain will try and convince us of.

    Syd- Lazy days are nice.

    Ellen Abbott- I feel the same.


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