Saturday, November 2, 2013

A Few Questions, No Answers

That is what the sky looked like this morning when I went out to feed the cats and open the little sliding door so that the chickens can go into the coop.

Saturday morning although it feels like Sunday to me. I am all screwed up on my days and setting the clocks back tonight is only going to make that worse.

Okay. Just for fun. Here's a trifecta of what plastic surgery can and cannot do for a woman:

That's Jane Fonda, 75, in the center, Melanie Griffith, fifty-six on the right and...wait for it...CARLY SIMON, 68 on the left.
Can you believe that's Carly Simon?
Why is it that men can just go ahead and let their faces age (unless they're Bruce Jenner) while women seem to have to stay eternally, uh, stretched?

Mick Jagger, who is seventy, can look like this:

While Carly Simon for some reason has to look like this:

Ms. Sarcastic Bastard Beloved sent me that picture last week and I've been freaking out about it ever since. I don't know why. I just have. Perhaps because Ms. Simon always had her own crazy, non-traditional beauty and she wore that non-traditional beauty with such grace. Now she looks like, well, an alien. Why don't women feel as if they can wear their own faces?

Hell, even Miss Kay on Duck Dynasty has had some work done. DUCK DYNASTY! I'd post a picture but I doubt any of you watch the show anyway and I've lost interest in it too as it's gotten way too scripted and stupid and Phil, the patriarch, seems to be getting more and more sex-and-god obsessed.

I still have a tiny crush on Jase but don't tell anyone.

Anyway, it's Saturday morning and I'm about to call Lily and see if she and the boys want to do something. The sky has now completely clouded over and it's a little chilly but I need to get out of the house and go be a human being in the midst of other human beings if at all possible. No mice or roaches or rats or bats carried me off in my sleep last night and I dealt with that little green frog myself. No, I did not touch it. I caught it gently in a jar and released it outside.
I'm such a wuss.
But I wear my own face.

Good morning, y'all.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Mary, we have Gator Boys and Duck Dynasty here now... but my newfound love is Tree Masters. The sweetest ever treehouse builder, and his darling family and crew. I love him dearly. Have you seen? He is emphatically Not Southern, but you couldn't fail to be charmed, I'm sure.

    As to plastic surgery - until we stop seeing youth as the be all and end all of attractiveness, we're all screwed. Men are succumbing too, be sure of that. I heard it said that 'I'm so old!' complaints are the new 'I'm so fat' among women... I guess I have both of those going for me. Eh, fuck it. Let's just look at different pictures and feel good about ourselves :)

  2. Oh, my, you're no wuss! The har method is perfectly acceptable, and probably far less traumatic for the frog and his skin! Not to mention yours...

  3. omg. what are they thinking? do they not own mirrors? can they not see the terrifying masks they've become? I recognized Jane Fonda and even Melanie Griffith but not Carly Simon.
    I understand the horror of seeing your own face melt with the gravity of age right before your eyes but I don't see going under the knife as a solution. It makes me sad for these women and mad!
    Nice touch, posting that beautiful sky picture as a "palate cleanser".
    It does feel like Sunday.

  4. I wear my own face too. And i never understood why some women choose not to, why they choose to get stretched and snipped.

    Of course, the whole truth is, i understand it a lot better lately! especially when i looked in the mirror the other morning and noticed new... saggage.

    of course, i wouldn't ever.

  5. You could bounce quarters off that girls cheeks, and you know which ones I mean.
    I've never watched "Duck Dynasty", but I started to hear about it when we were still in Europe. Didn't seem like anything I'd be interested in. Most "reality" shows make me want to gag.
    Have a fine day.

  6. Mick certainly has a craggy face, but he's still Mick. The three womyn look kinda scary to me; however, I recently rented the movie, "Peace, Love and Misunderstanding", in which Jane Fonda plays a beautiful hippie grandmother ~ loved it!

    I hope you get to meet up with Lily and your boys and maybe even go out amongst "people"!

  7. Jase is crush-worthy, so I get it. I don't watch that show religiously anymore either. It's still funny but yes way too scripted. They mean well.

  8. Gosh, that sky is beautiful. I am glad you wear your own face. The older I get, the more I've come to love the person not what they look like but cosmetic surgery aside, most people notice and comment on beauty so it's hard for it not to be a focus. Mean Jo

  9. Yes. I had dinner with a group of friends this week. All girls I've known since high school. Some 40, others in their late 30's. Well, all of them except me, are regularly getting fillers, injections, tummy tucks, and boob jobs. I feel like such a rebel for loving myself the way I am... At the moment.

  10. Jo- I will try and find Tree Masters. I do love a sweet man. You're right about youth. And damn- what a waste of energy.

    Ms. Yo- Honey, Carly's new face horrifies me. It HORRIFIES me. Do you think that she does look into the mirror and think, "Yes. That is better."? It's bizarre.
    But, so is aging. And I'm not really judging. I just wish that women weren't allowed to age as men are. Well, we ARE allowed, just that for many women, it seems to be unacceptable.

    Angella- Well, it ain't easy, is it? I saw a Meme the other day that said something like, "I looked in the mirror this morning and I thought, 'That can't be accurate,'" and I understood that. To the point where I just don't look in the mirror in the mornings. Easy to avoid.

    Bob- Well, yeah, reality shows suck. But I can't help it. I love some of them. You are right about the quarters bouncing. Good Lord!

    Lulumarie- I did go out and it was fine and now I"m home and it is beautiful.

    Jill- Jase cain't help it. He's funny. Which I find extremely attractive in a fellow.

    Dear Mean Jo- We are ALL attracted to beauty. It's the definition of it that's shoved down our throats that bothers the fuck out of me. And I'm sure it does you, too.

    Angie- Be a rebel!!!! Until you don't want to be.

  11. And what a wonderful, beautiful face you wear.

    So lunchtime conversation last week was labiaplasty. Apparently (I haven't independently confirmed it) there is a thing with young women/girls in the US who think that their labias are only beautiful if they present as in pornos, and they are doing surgeries to modify them.

    That takes the crazy to another level altogether. I really hope it's not a true craze and is just a few isolated incidents of people who need to get counseling about body image.

  12. I look forward to the final surrender of sagging, actually. I'm counting on a few more years -- perhaps even a decade, as I have the good skin genes, but there's really nothing worse than the plastic surgeried face.

  13. I don't get it either, why some women go under the knife so often cause you don't look like that just getting one lift. it's sad really, that some women feel the need to do that to themselves. but then men aren't constantly judged by how youthful they look like women are and we're taught it from the cradle starting with shaving and make-up.

  14. Wow. I feel kind of sad for Carly Simon. Why, i ask. I just turned 50 in August, and about a month before that, i began receiving ads in the mail for botox and surgical 'enhancements'. No intention of ever doing either. I'm too much of a wimp and i don't like needles or pain. I don't get the aversion to age in our culture. I never have. I wish Carly had stayed Carly... The way Mick is still Mick. (I love Mick to the moon and back.) Same with Keith Richards. They both look as though they're living full lives and i say good for them!

  15. Elizabeth- You DO have the good skin genes. And really? is it an improvement to look more like a lizard than a human being? I think not.

    Ellen Abbot- Exactly. Amen.

    Mary- I never thought that Keith Richards was beautiful until his face turned into a map of his life and years. Why can't we feel the same way about a woman's face?

  16. Oh poor Carly. But then she comes from money and she's probably not the first woman in her family to get 'toxed up. As for Mick, such an interesting face, but I suspect he's dying his hair.

  17. When we were in Vegas, this crazy broad from one of those stores that sell face cream grabbed me and smeared her snake oil under my eye, then held up a mirror and asked if I could see a difference. I said yes, one eye had schmutz smeared under it. She said it was to get rid of the wrinkles. I said but I earned those wrinkles, smiling and laughing and squinting on sunny days...I LIKE my wrinkles.

    So many people fall into that whole scene of wanting to look younger and all it does is make them look like they're clinging to some weird notion that 70 is supposed to look like 20.

  18. Yesterday I had some zit cream on a zit on my chin and Isaiah looked at me and said, "Do you really think that's going to do anything? Just leave it alone." And yes, he is 8 and probably right. But zit cream is as far as I'll go. Ha ha ha. I hope Isaiah doesn't run into Miss Carly Simon. Wait--he might run into Miss Jane Fonda since she lives here in Atlanta. . . .

  19. No, I CANNOT believe that's Carly Simon. I always thought she was so beautiful in her unique way, as you said. I hate to see her going the face-sanding route. Jane Fonda doesn't look so bad, but she does look fake.

    I saw several months ago that "Duck Dynasty" was airing here in England, but I never did get around to watching it. I wonder how the British took to it?

  20. wearing your own face might feel like oh, maybe laziness, to you, but it takes bravery in this effed up society. I started going gray when I was fifteen and have never dyed my hair. it was easy for a long time, but as my own face starts to crumple a bit I am thankful I have a few decades of Not Giving a Shit under my belt to see me through the next few decades.

  21. NOLA- Well. It is the only face I have. I can't even begin to comment about having ones labia surgically "improved." Seriously? What the fucking fuck?

    Andrea- Oh yes. I am certain Sir Mick dyes that hair of his.

    heartinhand- Haha! You crack me up. And you're right- we have earned these wrinkles. Every damn one.

    gradydoctor- Jane used to live down the road from me when she was married to Ted. I never saw her though. I wish Isaiah DOES run into her but honestly, Carly could do well with a little advice from him.

    Steve Reed- Carly's doctor should be disbarred or sued or something. I swear.
    As to Duck Dynasty- I can only imagine the British watching it and shaking their heads in wonder.

    Sarah- My hair didn't really start going gray until a few years ago. I like the gray a lot, actually. And "crumple" is the word that I think of so very often when I do look at my face. Sigh. That I am not so happy with.

  22. IMO, Jane looks the best of those three. She remains glamorous. But Carly is really bad looking now. I liked her face before all the surgery.

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  25. That sky is amazing. I am glad you wear your own face. I don't like cosmetic surgery but I like the beautiful face that they got.


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