Thursday, November 7, 2013

Day Into Night

Well, it has turned out to be a pretty fine day. We had all sorts of fun, starting out with walking to the post office. I introduced my grandsons to the man who sits in his truck at the end of Main Street, sometimes for hours, almost daily. I do not know his name so it wasn't a full introduction. His sister is Miss Liola who lives across the road from him and whereas she is friendly and we often chat, I feel as if it's a small miracle if I get an actual "hello" from Mr. Truck-Sitting-Guy. He keeps to himself. But for some reason, I just wanted to show him my grandsons. I probably see him more than I see most human beings and he is a part of my life on some level. And so I did. He was walking up to the Post Office when we were walking out. And the boys were very polite and Owen said Hello, and Gibson said, Bye-Bye!

We had botany class on the way home where we talked about and examined trees.
Here's Gibson standing under a crepe myrtle.

And here's Owen climbing it. 

When we got home, the boys played outside and we fed chickens and then we came in and Owen put on The Buena Vista Social Club and we talked about Cuba and Mexico and people who speak Spanish and we spoke a little Spanish. Well, I told him some words that we've been working on- boy and grandmother and please and thank-you. Sometimes he gets tired of this and says, "I don't want you to talk your Mexican anymore, MerMer."
Which I understand. I don't know enough to truly wear him out, though. 

We had snacks, of course, and juice (jugo!) and Owen built with blocks and Gibson played with toys and they both painted some and we all laid down after lunch and Gibson actually slept and I almost did. 

The only true sadness today was when Gibson slipped and rolled down the steps off the back porch. Owen and I could do nothing but watch him roll and it was horrible. He cried but he's okay. Owen, who had just peed off the side of the steps said, "Did I do that?"
I reassured him that no, he had not and with Gibson on my hip, I snapped up his jeans which is a very difficult thing to do and Gibson soon stopped crying and all was well enough again.

And Owen earned two dollars today by giving me a foot rub and a hand massage and that probably works out to about a dollar a minute but he gave it good effort. 

So yes, it was a good day and it's supposed to get down into the forties tonight and I don't understand how that's going to happen but I suppose it will. Now it is warm and I have an actual tuna casserole in the oven with tomatoes on top of it and the house is tidy again and I've swept off the deck behind the house and I have laundry going and I've started putting a few summer things away and tomorrow I am going to clean my bathroom from top to bottom which takes all day long and I'm not kidding. I hope with all of my heart that I do not come upon another mouse. 

And this is the report from my life on this night as the sharp crescent moon rises up in the air as if it were cutting its way through the darkness over the naked branches of the pecan trees in Lloyd, Florida. 


  1. Well, that's just beautiful. Really. Sometimes it's difficult to come up with a comment for your continuously beautiful posts. Except, of course, when they're hilarious. Please elaborate on why it takes all day to clean your bathroom? Am I not doing something correctly?

  2. I'm glad Gibson is okay!

    And that photo in your previous post of the boys in front of that red door, frame that. It is gorgeous. THEY are gorgeous.

  3. I am with Elizabeth on the bathroom cleaning business. I don't think I could muster 10 hours in an entire year's worth of bathroom cleaning. And I have three of them. I must be doing something wrong!

  4. I am glad Gibson is ok from his tumble. Those boys are truly gorgeous. I think Owen can make money off his face. See how I focus on youthful beauty??? This was such a great post. You have such a wonderful way of writing about a day in the life of the Moon family. It is a talent that I think you might under appreciate SeƱora, sweet Jo

  5. that last sentence is an absolute beauty.

  6. How strange that the guy sits in the truck all day. What do you suppose is his reason. Did you ever ask him ?

  7. Elizabeth- Explanation for bathroom-cleaning-time in new post. Plus, I procrastinate a lot.

    Angella- That's part of the old train station that the Post Office is in. It's a beautiful old building.

    Jill- No. You're not doing anything wrong. I just have a huge bathroom.

    Sweet Jo- Well, Owen IS gorgeous. And so is Gibson. Youthful beauty is something to love, as long as it's being displayed by the youth.

    Maggie May- Thanks, sweetie!

    Jenny Woolf- I think he sits there to escape his wife. I could be wrong. And I would never have the courage to ask him.

  8. LOL on Owen peeing off the porch.


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