Friday, November 8, 2013

Pictures Plus

I went out to get the mop and bucket this evening to finish up the bathroom and right there on the bucket, was the largest walking stick bug I have ever seen.

People- that is a regulation-sized mop bucket. Lord have mercy! I took its picture and then gently knocked it onto the top of an ice chest in the shed right next to where the bucket rests on a fence post. 
I am still rather staggered at the size of that sucker. 
Here's another picture which shows more detail of the creature's stick-like camouflage. 

Also a bit of my hand for more scale. Nature is a wondrous thing when it isn't trying to kill me. Or involves rodents. Or roaches. Or bats. 
Oh fuck it. Sometimes nature is cool. Sometimes nature just creeps me out. 

Anyway, yes, my bathroom is as clean as it's going to get which is to say, clean enough. And I am thrilled to report that I came upon no mouse nests. It's too dark to take pictures now but here's one of just the sink with the lamp I bought in Roseland at the Methodist Thrift Store. Believe it or not, that is far more de-cluttered than it was before I started. I threw away a huge amount of stuff from in there and should have thrown away a whole lot more. 

You may notice that I did NOT take down the pictures of Bill Murray. This may not surprise you one bit.

So the east side of my house smells of bleach and Fabuloso and the west side of my house smells like bread. This is not a bad combination, actually. Rather cozy. Homey. Now why I'm home at all is beyond me. I should be either on a date with my husband who offered to take me out, or in Monticello seeing Arsenic and Old Lace. I am obviously doing neither of these two things but am home alone because Mr. Moon decided that since I am so lame that I can't even go to supper with him, he would go to an FSU basketball game. That is not how he put it, but it is how I feel. 
I am lame. 
I don't even want to talk about it. 
Okay, here's another picture. 

Boppy babysat for his boys for awhile today at their house. I think they were pretty happy to see him and I know he was happy to see them. He said that Owen asked him today when they were going to go fishing. Or, as Owen actually says, "Dishing," which I find charming. They may go tomorrow as the boys are coming to spend the night and will arrive in the afternoon. Lily and Jason are getting a much deserved evening off and are going to Brewfest, whatever that is, and I believe it may involve beer. Billy and Shayla are going too and when Billy and Hank were here on Monday, Billy asked Hank if he was going. 
"Not unless all they serve is Pabst," said Hank.
He is the very definition of brand loyalty. At least as applies to beer. 

So anyway, here I am in my cozy house although it's sort of chilly. I don't have the heat on yet. I have a feeling I will be turning it on soon although maybe not. I went out to put the chickens up and this is what the sky looked like to the west.

It sort of took me by surprise so I came in and got the real camera which I have lately become too damn lazy to use. After I told my chickens good-night, I took a few pictures of the rising moon. 

Nothing special but, there you are. 

Friday night in Lloyd. I may be all alone but it is my own damn choice and I may be about to eat leftover tuna casserole but by god, it is GOOD tuna casserole and has artichoke hearts and tiny peas and celery and onions and black olives and spinach in it. DAMN fine tuna casserole. 
And fresh bread out of the oven to eat with it. 
And I gave up on the Alan Gurganus book I was trying to read and have resigned myself to the fact that if I met him, I would love him but I can't read him and I'm done trying. I am now on the third-to-the-last CD of the audio version of TC Boyle's San Miguel however, and I am in mourning for it coming to an end. And I just started Matt Haig's The Radleys and am already taken in. 
So. I am no loser! I am simply a woman who loves her Fabuloso/Bleach/Bread smelling house who does not want to put on a bra and go out into the public arena. 

That's my story and I am sticking to it like a walking stick bug sticks to a mop bucket. 

I used to be wild and beautiful and young but I am not anymore and I need to get some good sleep because my grands are coming to spend the night tomorrow. My hands smell of Fabuloso and that is just fine with me. 


Talk to you tomorrow. I won't be wearing a bra then either. 

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. I'm not wearing one either :) I am lame too. So, so very. But this week kicked my ass and it is to the bubble bath for me.

  2. Sometimes you just want to be in your house. I get that. That is how I am feeling myself on this Friday night. I am about to curl up with a book and hope the world recedes from my brain. Sometimes the world presses in too much and you just have to take a break. me anyway.

  3. I'm also not wearing a bra, eating leftover chili (and it's damn good leftover chili) and drinking wine and NOT going to the folk music concert I was supposed to and NOT dealing with other humans in real life. And my basement smells like fabuloso and my floors like lemon oil and goddamn. It's a good Friday night.

  4. That bathroom of yours looks amazing. Very different. Your Bill Murray pictures crack me up. What does Mr Moon think of them? The outdoor pictures are also fabulous. You live in such a beautiful place, and it is a good thing that you grew up with all that lives in nature so you don't have a lot of fears. It seems as if you have lots of company in recluse ville. I too have wanted to go no where though I do have to book a flight for an upcoming biz trip to Atlanta. I am grateful for work andcwantvto stay in my bed all at the same time. Finally that Gibson smiling face makes me want to eat him up. He is always smiling!! I guess except for when he fell down those stairs. Be well. Sweet Jo

  5. Man, those moon photos are spectacular! I can never take a proper photo of the moon.

  6. I loved "San Miguel." But it would be days until I could relax and read anything after seeing a bug like that. I'm trying to think of bread and clean bathrooms, and tuna casserole, but that bug just keeps coming backto me.

  7. I don't know what Fabuloso smells like. Guess I could unscrew the lid next time I see some in a store.
    I'm slightly partial to Mr Clean when I don't use vinegar, because I like the idea of a large bald guy strongly doing all the housework for me. I think stick bugs are cool. Also the kind disguised as leaves... I'd prefer both or either of those to the invasion of lady bugs in my house. Lady bugs and mud daubers. They just won't quit.

  8. What is Fabuloso?! I don't think we have it in Canada.
    I'm lame too. My invite was a hockey game with the hubby. I chose to stay home alone with the peace and quiet.

  9. SJ- I took a bath yesterday. It was lovely.

    Angella- It's sort of my default situation. Too much world.

    Sara- That's what I'm talking about! Does sound like a beautiful Friday night.

    Sweet Jo- Mr. Moon knows of my boyfriends, Bill and Keith. Since they are older than he is and are not what we might call "pretty boys" I think he is fine with them. Now if I had pictures of Brad Pitt up in my bathroom, I think he might have a different opinion. You're going to Atlanta? You are so brave! See- I can deal with bugs but travel? Ah, no. And Gibson just does have about the most joyful personality. He is a happy being.

    Elizabeth- Seems to me I used to take much better photos of the moon. I'm blaming the camera.

    Denise- Well, those bugs are entirely harmless so it's not freaking me out except to be amazed at its size. I've never seen one so big.

    A- I like Fabuloso because it's like the national smell of Mexico. It's like Calgon. It takes me away. Haha! Those lady bugs can definitely swarm in a house. I've had that too. Not recently.

    heartinhand- I'd choose almost anything over hockey. No Fabuloso in Canada? So sad.

  10. That is a huge walking stick. I love walking sticks. Evolution is incredible, isn't it??

    A night alone at home sounds pretty nice. I am surprised that Allan Gurganus isn't working out for you, though I haven't read anything since "Oldest Living Confederate Widow," and I remember you said you didn't like that. I liked it but it was a long time ago!

  11. Hell, I ain't wearing a bra right now. Taking your bra off is the best part of the day, that's the only thing about not wearing one - you don't get that AAAAAHHHHHH moment.

    There's no point going out whne you know all you're going to do is wish you were at home taking off your bra. This is just a fact of life.

  12. Quite coincidentally, I cleaned my bathroom last night too. Well, most of it anyway.

  13. Nice walking stick. I am fascinated by cool insects. Not so fond of the rodents though.


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