Friday, November 29, 2013


When Mr. Moon came in (doe-less) and smelled the broth cooking he said, "Oh, I have been thinking about a turkey soup. With noodles."
Now I don't make turkey soup with noodles because after one reheating, the noodles become mush so I said, "Dream on," or something of that sort and moaned and groaned about all the laundry and turkey-bone-picking I had to do and said, "I don't want to cook anything."
But then I started thinking about it. This man. I love him so.
And then I made a little pot of soup with broth and meat and vegetables and...noodles.
Because, why not?
How hard was it to cut up a few vegetables into the broth with meat and throw in a few noodles?
How hard can that be?
Not so hard.

And it was thirty years ago on the Friday after Thanksgiving that my friend Sue babysat for me and I went out to a bar wearing her blue angora sweater that would not stay on my shoulder and this man asked me to dance with him and before the evening was over, tried like hell to get me to invite him back to my house for turkey sandwiches and I refused him.

But two days later, he came over and I made him turkey flautas.

Thirty years of having a very hard time saying no to this man and then eventually giving in whenever I did try.

Thirty years.

The soup was delicious.
So were those flautas.

And here we are.


  1. Sister Moon, this kind of made me tear up. This right here is marriage at its very best. You and Mr. Moon are such a beautiful example of how it really doesn't have to be that hard. I have that dialogue in my head, to. "This Man. I love him so." And then just do whatever it is because he does the same for me. We are lucky ones. We are.

    Love to you today. And every single day.

  2. and may you make that man many more wonderful dishes out of thanksgiving leftovers-


  3. Congratulations on a long, successful relationship. It's nice to see how you give to each other. Sweet Jo

  4. I love this. And I think you pause just long enough to tune in to the fact that you're doing what you do, making soup, whatever else, because you WANT to do it, because he's that kind of love. So beautiful, the two of you.

  5. Gradydoctor- And some things are just so easy to do. Make a little pot of soup. Why not? We are the lucky ones. Yes, we are. And I think of the advice that your aunt (or was it your grandma?) gave you about not being selfish in marriage. I think about that a lot.

    Mrs. A- Golly. I hope so.

    Sweet Jo- We do try. I know we do. And that counts for a lot.
    It has gotten easier as we have gotten older.

    Angella- I do pause and think about it because it's important and I have learned that lesson. Mostly.

  6. So great. I like your love story.

  7. Sometimes we all need someone to get us past our initial refusals and denials!


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