Saturday, November 23, 2013

A Tiny Bit Better

I spent all day and I mean ALL DAY in the kitchen. And although anyone in their right mind would walk in there and think, "Holy Jesus, this is one motherfuck of a cluttered kitchen!" it still looks about ten thousand times better.
Okay. That was a lie. It hardly looks any different at all. But I can tell the difference. And there's a little more working room in there. AND, I took seven garbage bags of crap to the trash place. SEVEN! And I'm not going to even try and pretend that I didn't throw some stuff away that probably shouldn't have been thrown away but fuck it. I'd pick up something and imagine my kids having to deal with it.
"Do you want this?"
"Hell no."
"Toss it."

And so I did it for them.

Not to say that they're not going to need one of those industrial trash things when I die but at least a tiny bit of the crap is gone. I threw away three old pairs of glasses today. Of mine. That were in various drawers in the kitchen. And yes, I know that you can drop them off for the Lion's Club to do something with them (and don't ask me what) but the frames were shitbeat and who uses the same prescription that I use? Or used to use, anyway. So out they went. I threw away approximately eighty-seven beer coozies. And if you don't know what a beer coozie is then you live an entirely different lifestyle than I do. I threw away plastic cups and expired falafel mix and a moldy lunch bag and a rusty lunch box and stupid vases and I threw away decorative things that I can't even begin to describe.

I found some strange things.

See this?

Sweet little innocent picture that Jessie gave me and which I love and which hangs over the sink? There was an entire kingdom of spiders living behind that thing. A kingdom, I tell you, with a queen and her minions and their children and possibly a spider day-care and university. 
Not the picture. I cleaned it all up and hung the picture back. There's another much bigger picture hanging beside it and it had maybe ONE spider behind it. What's up with that? Do spiders prefer the Virgin of Guadalupe above all others? Did they think she would PROTECT them?

And speaking of vermin, perhaps tomorrow I will tell you about the horror which we have probably unleashed here concerning the rodents. I can't bring myself to talk about it right this second. I get the vapors just thinking about it. 

Okay. I still have to iron the aprons and hang them back on the walls. 
What? You don't have aprons hanging on the walls of your kitchen? What the fuck's wrong with you? I didn't wash all of them, as you can see from one of the pictures above but I did wash about four or five of them and they need ironing badly. And I have to finish the laundry and make the supper. 

I don't know if my heart feels better but it does feel a little lighter. Which is good. 

Now, tomorrow- the rest of the house!
What do I think I am? A speed addict? 

Not even close.

Enjoy your Saturday night. 

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. I made four trips out to the dumpster today. I feel better too. I made some pizza which sucked, now I'm making muffins. I'll keep you posted on every riveting second of how they turn out :)

  2. SJ- How could pizza suck? That is not even possible. I was quite proud of myself for not letting the world in on what we're having for supper. (Clam spaghtetti.)
    What kind of muffins?

  3. It is when you decide to mess with the making of the crust...if I want low-carb pizza in the future, I'm making it on a low carb tortilla and calling it a day :)

    Making these muffins and they are actually really, really good!

    Isn't clam spaghetti a Mr Moon fan favorite?

  4. I love the feeling of clearing out and cleaning up. I have two rooms in my home that need that attention. Thing is, I start them and then something comes up - a simple case of procrastination usually and then more clutter develops. So congratulations! It looks like you have collected many precious tokens throughout your life that give your home life. I was productive until about 2 pm and then got in bed and slept. I don't think I can say it is jet lag coming from east to west but some days bed time, especially when I am cold feels so good, I hope you are feeling much better given all the cooking and partying you have going on this week. Sweet Jo.

  5. We can form the Vermin Vapors Society. There really is something about it that makes the toughest of us cringe.

  6. I always feel so much better when I clean things out like that. Spiders and insects are weird, how they choose to colonize one thing but not the next. We don't have any aprons PERIOD, believe it or not. (Well, not that we ever use. I think we have a few gift aprons in a drawer somewhere.)

  7. I love that cabinet thingamajig! It's fabulous!
    I'm afraid to even ask about the vermin, therefore you have to share.
    I do not own one apron, but it should. I'm messy in the kitchen.

  8. This post made me laugh! I've got the heebie jeebies about my house too. I'm looking at everything through new eyes, and tossing/donating with abandon, vacuuming places that have years of dust bunnies and dead bugs hiding in them. It's so gross it's comical. It really feels wonderful, doing this nesting/purging thing. I even cleaned out my terrible little pantry, and the newly organized shelves make me very happy with myself. Also I bought a new toaster, and it just may change my life for good.

    I need a nail in my wall for the apron so I can quit hanging it on a chair. Wearing an apron makes me feel almost professional in the kitchen, plus over half my shirts have stains on the front and I'm on a mission to quit ruining clothes.

    I find your kitchen charming and warm and full of love. It looks like home to me.

    Sorry you got the vapors, I feel your pain with the vermin. This house has given me 5 full on fits of vermin vapors, and uncountable icky incidents. Lo Siento Mucho!

    Order and serenity on the outside, hopefully gains you some on the inside too.

  9. Oh my gaawwd!!!!!!!!!!!!! Good work.

    Two words of advice. GET CATS!!!!!!!!

  10. the best thing about getting to know people is seeing the inside of their houses little glimpses. it satisfies the voyeur-writer in me. I can't wait to move so I can feel settled and put my stuffs back up.

  11. SJ- Oh god. Low carb. Okay. I getcha. Those muffins look good. And yes, you know us so well. Clam spaghetti IS one of Mr. Moon's most favorite favorites.

    Sweet Jo- You were productive until 2 a.m.? Woman! You get a crown with jewely jewels! When I get in bed it is almost too much pleasure for me. I swear. And I get to do it every night! And you're right- it's so much better when it's chilly.

    NOLA- Vermin will toughen your ass up and that's all there is to it. Or else send you running and screaming. What are we going to do?

    Steve Reed- You could hang your aprons on the wall! Then you could be just like me! Which I know is your entire aim in life.

    heartinhand- I do love aprons. I have one on now, as a matter of fact. It's a mermaid apron that Judy and Denise gave me. It's perfect. I've had that Hoosier Cabinet for thirty-four years. I love it. I'm sure I'll talk about the rodents soon.

    Mel- I do feel better after that one room of cleaning. Hell, I should probably get a vacuum cleaner one of these days. I hate vacuum cleaners. I love brooms. But. You know. Sometimes you need one to get the dust up truly.
    Vermin. Let's not talk about them right this second.

    Denise- I don't want cats! They, like rodents and dogs, are furry four-legged creatures. They kill birds if you let them out and if you don't let them out, they have to poop in a box in the house. NO!!!!
    Maybe someday. But I am telling you, I'd need a fucking TIGER to deal with these rodents.

    Madame Rebecca- And somehow, when you move and put your things up in a new place, you actually SEE your things again. They are literally in a new light. I think you would like my house. Except for the piano which is so sorely out of tune it might make you die.
    Also, it's missing a key.

  12. It's so hard to get rid of aprons! I still have two. One is Osh Kosh. I must throw out the other one. For god's sake. How many aprons are necessary? Mine hang on the broken hook that's falling out of the back of the kitchen door, so they mostly fall on the floor and lie there til I wash them. Then repeat this dance endlessly. So stupid!

  13. I don't think we have ever used an apron. We simply get dirty.

    We are in the throwing away mode too. No one to leave any of this to so many things have gone to Good Will or to auction.


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