Friday, November 29, 2013

The Calm After The Storm

It is so calm and so peaceful here this morning and let me just say this- IT'S ABOUT FUCKING TIME!

Okay, the washing machine is broken and Mr. Moon is suffering a dental problem and Jessie and Vergil are going to be leaving today but compared to the last few days, it's pretty darn chill.
And chilly. Whoa! Where did this Arctic cold front come from? The Arctic? That would make sense.

Yesterday was insane. It all started with Jason shooting a deer and he and Mr. Moon and Vergil cleaning it and then the bonfire got started and people started showing up and the four-wheeler got cranked up and I almost froze my hand off picking greens

and Owen was not happy, having decided that Thanksgiving is a crock because no presents are involved and he thinks we should just go from Halloween to Christmas and skip the whole thing. I'd arm-wrestle him to determine whether we should skip Thanksgiving or Christmas and I'd win but he'd be so sad. I mean...presents? We eat every day of the year but the gift orgy only occurs on birthdays and Christmas.

All right. Here's the "menu" I wrote out yesterday just to try and keep track of things. You may notice that the chick pea salad is listed twice. It should have been. It was that good.

May made it and it had roasted squash in it too.
May made that and she made the roasted Brussels Sprouts and I can now say for certain that I just don't like Brussels Sprouts because these, by all account, were the best ever made and I still didn't like them. I mean, they were delicious for a food I don't like. Everyone else loved them though.

Hank made the broccoli casserole, Anna made the hot dish (I call it the TOT dish), Lily made the green bean casserole, Jessie made the sweet potatoes and the deviled eggs, Jason's mama made a chocolate cake and sausage dressing, and Vergil made the beer. So it was a true family effort.

Mr. Moon carved the turkey that he smoked and Jason carved the roasted beast.

It all ended up looking like this.

You can't even SEE all the food in that picture. It was insane. 

It took three days to cook all the food and approximately thirty minutes to consume it. 

Oh, and Vergil whipped the cream for the desert which I never did eat and praise the Lord because I did not feel like I was going to die after dinner for about the first time in my life. 

The best part, of course, was moments like this.

And like this.

Now THAT'S some fucking mistletoe, y'all. 

Gibson spent most of the entire day in his grandfather's arms and Owen spent most of the day trying to convince Jessie and Vergil to play with him which they did, most graciously. He also spent some time grilling May and Matt as to whether they are married yet or not. He is fascinated by marriage now and he seems to think it's a good idea and even asked me the other day how old he'll be when he gets married. Matt finally told him that he'll know if he and May get married because he will be there. This seemed to satisfy him. 

After dinner, everyone pitched in and cleaned up and Hank gave me a shoulder massage. I had to lay down for a few minutes after dinner but then I got up and I actually stayed awake until almost eleven.
A record, that one.

And that was Thanksgiving in Lloyd for 2013. 

Since I've started writing this we've had breakfast and spent some time outside throwing the ball for Greta to work off a little of her energy and now Jessie and Vergil have driven out of the yard with their sleek, black, funny dog and here we are, Mr. Moon and I and a broken washing machine and our own two old dogs. This year, as all other years, I have taken a serious vow to do something different for Thanksgiving next year but we'll see how that goes. 
Jason has suggested we all go to the beach and I like that idea. A lot. 

It doesn't really matter, I suppose, as long as we're all together. 

And now I have no idea what I'm going to do today. Clean the biscuit dough out of my rings? Take a bath and read a book? I should take a walk. I wonder if I remember how. I know for sure that I'm not going to be shopping. Black Friday, indeed. Let the rest of the world trample itself to death for a good deal on a Hug Me Elmo and a flat screen TV. I've cooked enough, gone out enough, cleaned up enough, partied enough. 

Now it's time to simply be and to reflect on the fullness of heart, the goodness of family, the sweetness of friends, the overall gift of the love in my life. 
And you know- maybe have a piece of pie. 

Happy Friday, y'all. 

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. A very wonderful day and the day after is wonderful too. Black Friday...ugh. As if there won't continue to be great deals and sales on cheap shit from China up until the day and several days after as well. What is the matter with people? Who in their right mind would want to participate in that madness.

  2. Can you imagine going shopping today? Ugh. We were discussing it in the staffroom - the manipulation by consumers - it's disgusting. People being HERDED out to spend money when they're told to - not matter how much I wanted a new tv I wouldn't go. Nuh uh.

    You should definitely have the pie - it's always better the next day anyway :)

  3. by retailers, I mean, OF consumers.

  4. Simply be... I like that. Your Thanksgiving feast looked wonderful and filled with the usual love and good food you all make. And pie after breakfast sounds pretty good as part of simply being too. I am glad the hoopla is over for awhile. Simply be. Sweet Jo

  5. It was wonderful, and now I think I'll eat some leftovers.

  6. Happy Friday to you too.
    I like your penmanship.

  7. I was going to read this post until I came across Hot Dick on your list now I want to know the details.

  8. Ellen Abbott- It truly is some sort of madness. I really mean that in the truest, most literal sense.

    Jo- People are sheep. Period, the end.

    Sweet Jo- The "hoopla" is right although you know it's JUST BEGUN! I am so enjoying this calm in the middle of it, though.

    Mr. Downtown- I am boiling the turkey carcass as we speak.

    Bob- I like my penmanship too. I love to handwrite.

    Madame Rebecca- Hot DISH! It's a Minnesota thing which Hank's friend Anna always makes. They talk about it on Prairie Home Companion and evidently, it is a very real thing. But Hot Dick would have been a fun addition to the menu as well.

  9. Sounds like an amazing day. Ours was good too. I did not overeat either. But our guests had seconds! I like that they had a good time.


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