Friday, November 8, 2013

I'm Freezing And The Mormons Are Taking Over Florida

I am NOT in a good mood today. My hips hurt like hell and I was awake for hours last night and it's cold and the Mormon Church has just bought up approximately 382,834 acres of land in North Florida and they already own enough of Central Florida to now make them the largest landowner in the state.

To sum up: The Mormon Church will own 2% of the state of Florida.

Why? Why does a CHURCH need to own all of this land?

I guess the good news is that this arm of the church which now owns the land is a tax-paying entity but still. Fucking creepy if you ask me.

Especially after finding this:

Mr. Hinkley was the fifteenth President of the Mormon church until his death in 2008. 

Okay. Moving on. 

Why does it take me all day to clean my bathroom? Well, it's large. And there's a sink and a tub and a toilet and a shower. And my dresser is in there. And half the stuff I own. And the sink is set in a large wooden thing which needs completely clearing off and oiling and the dresser needs dusting and, well, name a type of cleaning and you have to do it in that bathroom. And I'm not complaining. I love my bathroom. It's the best room in the house. But. There are six rugs in there. SIX. One of them almost too big to put in the washer. And big wide window sills which are cluttered with everything from seashells and mermaids and driftwood to rubber duckies and dog shampoo and the black dust of Lloyd has overlaid all of it and that needs to be dealt with. Etc. 
So, okay, it won't actually take me all day but it'll take a good chunk of time, trust me. 

Well, I need to get my aching hips moving. Trash needs taking, walk needs walking, grocery store needs visiting, chickens need letting out, etc.

There are other topics I could discuss here today including my rapid descent into being a recluse who is going to die friendless but I don't have the energy. Also, it is such a beautiful day here, even with the chill, that I should be shot for complaining so I'll just shut up and say...

Happy Friday, y'all. 

Love...Ms. Moon

P.S. Why are tiny video ads showing up on all of our blog sites? Why? Do you know? WTF? 


  1. My bathroom is full of pretty rocks and sea glass and other charming beach detritus. I should keep a big strainer under the sink so I can plop that stuff in it and rinse it off.

    Take pictures when your bathroom is all oiled and scoured and scrubbed, please!

  2. Wow, your bathroom sounds absolutely awesome and full of character. And that thought about being friendless, root it right out, your brain is lying to you, you have so many friends, so many people who love you, i promise. and if you need a friend to sit in your kitchen with you i swear i'll jump on a plane and fly down there and we can drink coffee or tea or something stronger face to face and commiserate about our aching hips and laugh about all of it and clink cups and remember that the things we worry about are all future based, this moment right here, is pretty good, all things considered, and that chemistry is treacherous and whispers things to us that really have no basis in truth. In lieu of actually being in your kitchen, let's virtually raise a cup together and tell the day to come the hell on, we're ready dammit. I love you so much.

  3. Now I am imagining your bathroom to be almost the size of my house. It does sound delightful with seashells and driftwood. I don't know, Mary Moon. I was a recluse until I moved here and made all kinds of friends, but my urge is to return to my hermetic lifestyle. I don't know if I'd regret it. Some of us are lone wolves in the physical world, I think. But wow, I will add an amen to everything Angella said. The worries are in the future, as far as friends. Do what makes you most content. And I hope those hips feel better, love.

  4. Ms Moon, you have more friends than almost anyone I know :) Your Liz's and lis's and kathleen's, are coming out your ears :) And who else as a ton of friends? Me. Guess who feels often like they have zero friends in the world? Me. So, I get you. I'm riding a lovely wave of PMS-induced despair, but I think I can see shore.

    PS...I want your bathroom to be my bathroom.

  5. I'm very social, but I, too, have been retreating so what's that all about? Since you've answered my question about how it takes all day to clean a bathroom, I will now be asking you all manner of questions.

  6. Tiny video ads??? Where? I want one, why don't I get these things? Not fair.

    My bathroom is much smaller but I can spend ages cleaning it, too. Some days I do it two sessions, but don't tell anybody.

  7. My bathroom is the opposite of yours. I already take a minimalist approach to life, but I think that Erma Lee's being an avid "collector of curiosities" has made me anxious of having knick-knacks and trinkets and curios. When I go to clean my bathrooms, I'm done pretty quickly. Spray, wipe, sweep, mop, done!

    Hope that hip jernt gets to feeling better.

  8. A recluse with a friend like Angella is all you might need. Sweet Jo

  9. Oh Ms Moon, how I love you so. I am in Key West, Cayo Hueso. It is so full of memories for me from my entire life, and I love it here. But it is not home, and as much as I love to have adventures with my Bug, I always look forward to going home to my own sweet place, and my own sweet world. Glad you are a part of it. I am planning on going to see Arsenic and Old Lace closing night. If you have not gone, and want to, maybe I will see you there. love to Zen Glen and all the precious family

  10. Denise- That strainer idea sounds like a god one.

    Angella- The gift of you and your words absolutely humbles me. Somehow I do know that if I asked, you would come. Thank you and I'm crying a little now so, just...thank you.

    Ms. Vesuvius- I think of how when I was young we all socialized so much. We had a pretty large community and we visited and we had parties and it was all very, very good. Now I can't even imagine that. I guess to everything there is a season?
    I don't know if I'm a lone wolf. Maybe more, at this point, like a mean old tortoise.

    SJ- Yes, but I don't make the effort to see most of my friends. I suck. And the harder it is, the less I do it, which makes it harder. I'm stuck.
    And I would want my bathroom too, were it not mine. Well, I do want it and it IS mine. You know what I mean.

    Elizabeth- Let's blame the moon. Or the planets. Both. And stars. Okay?

    Sabine- Nothing wrong with cleaning in two installments. Nothing at all!

    Nancy- Well, there are two other bathrooms in this house and one is as you describe. That one is easy. I need a lot less curios and that's the truth. And thanks- hips feel better today.

    Sweet Jo- And you.

    SittinOnAPorch- That could very well happen. I hope you're having a beautiful time in Key West.

  11. Once again, as evidenced by the photos above -- an amazing bathroom!

    I don't see tiny video ads. I hope they're not showing up on my blog. I consciously intend to keep my blog ad-free.

  12. Our bathrooms are pretty spartan compared to yours. But then I don't spend much time there except to shower, shave, etc. We are going to redo the bathrooms upstairs soon. Not looking forward to more updating but I do think a slipper tub is something that will be included.


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