Sunday, November 3, 2013

A Practically Perfect Day

Waylon's birthday party was a true adventure. I drove to Lily and Jason's house and we all loaded up into their van and then went and picked up Hank and drove way up to the north side of town to a park I'm not sure I've ever been to before and it was gorgeous. Beautifully wooded and trails down to a lake and a fantastic playground for the kids. Billy was grilling hotdogs when we got there and can I just say that I love Waylon's birthday parties? They are as simple as a kid's party should be. Hotdogs, chips, popcorn, drinks. Cake. Done.
Oh well, presents and playing and this year there was pin-the-nose-on-the-snowman which Shayla had made (she's a teacher and is crafty like that) too. No pony rides, no jumpy things, no "theme". Just folks who love Waylon and some kid-friendly food and that is that.
(The hotdogs were delicious, by the way.)

Owen and Gibson both wore Superman shirts. So did Jason, come to think of it.

Here's Jason and his look-alike boy.

Gibson is talking so much. He can say any word that you throw at him and he has long and intense conversations with you and they include arm and hand gestures and many facial expressions wherein he uses his manly eyebrows to full advantage. He learned to say "Hank" today and I should have gotten a video. He growls it. Muddy Waters would be proud. "Hank!" he rolls around in the gravel of his throat. And then he laughs and we all laugh and he is shy for a moment but then he says it again. 

Owen had a hard time with the fact that Waylon was getting the toy that he wants so badly. He was desperate for Waylon to open it and grow tired of it (which he figured would take about two seconds or at least he prayed would only take two seconds) so that he could play with it. It was terrible bad difficult for him but he managed not to melt down and Maw-Maw told me I should just go get Owen one too and I'm going to try and hold out until Christmas to give one to him but it's not going to be easy. Here he is, playing with it while Waylon was on the playground.

"It's beautiful," he sighed. 
Waylon liked it too. A lot. Don't ask me what it is. A helicopter which turns into a dinosaur and it shoots things and makes noises. Something like that. A young man's dream. Beautiful. 

Here's Waylon, blowing out his candles. 

He'd told his mama and his daddy that he didn't want any singing so we didn't sing. We just said, "Happy Birthday, Waylon!" and that was plenty. He did a good job of blowing those candles out and when we left, he GAVE ME A KISS AND LET ME HUG HIM! 
I was so happy that I probably hugged him way too hard. I couldn't help it. I love that boy and it's so nice that he doesn't scream and run every time he sees me. He is like no one else. He is Waylon. And he is precious. When Hank told him good-bye, he rubbed Hank's head and kissed him and hugged him tight. He always has loved his Uncle Hank and he probably always will. 

So that was the party and when I got home I picked up a few fallen branches and completed my entire goal for the weekend which was to clean out and organize the two junk drawers in the kitchen. 
Boy, do we have a lot of batteries. 

And now Mr. Moon is home and has unpacked and we're about to have a martini. The chicken pot pie is in the oven, heating up and loaves of bread are rising and about ready to join the pot pie in the oven. 


Let me tell you something- I am fifty-nine years old and a day like today is as perfect a day as I could want. A four-year-old's birthday party at a beautiful park in the woods, hanging out with people I love, doing a few chores around the house, and my sweet, good man getting home safe and sound. 
Throw in the fact that I've started listening to T. Coraghessan Boyle's new book on CD (San Miguel, A Novel) and well, a girl can't ask for much more. 

I never would have imagined the sweetness. But here I am and there you are and it's like honey. 


  1. It does sound perfect. I know just what you mean. And your evening ahead sounds perfect too!

  2. Yes, it sounded perfect. I had a good day too. Glad it's going around :)

  3. I like those bday parties with the theme of love.

    It's going to be terrible bad difficult for you NOT to buy that toy for Owen before Christmas, but you can do it.

  4. Sounds like a perfect day! I can just hear Owen's sigh....
    And I love T.C. Boyle (and that you used his full name!). Many years ago, I went to a reading/signing he did at B&N. What a cool man he is. [OK, I just got up and went to the bookshelf for my copy of Riven Rock. He actually signed the date 2/18/98 along with everything else. Unusual, huh?] Anyway, I highly recommend that book, as well as Tortilla Curtain, which is heartbreakingly good. I've read almost all of them, but I like to hold some back, you know, like a surprise stash of treats. I haven't read San Miguel, so I'm interested to hear what you think.

  5. Perfect! Love those kind of parties too. No need for the hoo ha.

    Glad to hear you sounding so good on a Sunday.

  6. That sounds lovely. One of the things I never mention, but it strikes me every post, is how southern everyone's name sounds. It makes me feel like I'm on a little trip to a warm climate with mangrove swamps. I don't know people named Waylon in the PNW.

  7. Just lovely. Simple birthday parties for kids are the very best. I am glad it was a good day. Sweet Jo

  8. My friend from Alabama used to say things like "it's like a butter on a stick" when she wanted to describe something perfect. It sounds like your day was like butter on a stick.

  9. I was going to ask you what that toy is, until you told me not to. I certainly can't figure it out. But I like the idea of waiting until Christmas to give one to Owen. Good things come to those who wait, right?

    Sounds like a fun day. :)

  10. So glad that Waylon had a good birthday. The way that you describe Owen's envy of the toy was perfect.

  11. Oh yes, we have the dino copter thing. Many of them. They're noisy. But wonderful, of course.

    Lovely day!

  12. Angella- It was mighty fine.

    Mel- Seems like we all hover around the same emotions at the same time. Why is that?

    Jill- Probably. Maybe. We shall see.

    Sylvia- I think I've read all his books except for this one. Tortilla Curtain- twice. It's incredibly powerful. I think of it all the time.

    SJ- It was a strangely happy Sunday. I was grateful for it, too.

    Betsy- Well, we are not afraid of names around here. And yes, it is mighty southern sometimes. At times we wear our southerness ironically and sometimes we just straight-up wear it.

    Madame Rebecca- It was a pretty precious party. Not to get too alliterative or anything.

    Sweet Jo- Yes. I like parties where kids can be kids and adults don't have to try too hard.

    Elizabeth- Pretty much. Some time I should do a post about Southernisms. I'd need to consult Hank and Billy though.

    Steve Reed- Two months is a lifetime for a four-year old. He's already waking up and asking his mother if it's Christmas yet.

    Syd- He WANTED it but he knew in his sad, sad little boy heart it was not his to have. Not that day.

    Jo- Little guys seem to love these things. They are pretty cool.

  13. I JUST saw this article on another blog!

  14. Elizabeth- I haven't ever in my life heard some of those.


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