Friday, November 15, 2013

No Photo Shop Was Squandered Here, Plus- Dead Frog

It's rained on and off all day long. Never a downpour, just a constant drizzle. And it's been gray and it's been gloomy and I have been too.
Not that bad, really. Here's a fun thing- Gibson called me today. By himself. We have no idea how. Lily said he wanted to call me and she had just texted me to see if I was awake and before I got the text, he'd called. We had a brief conversation. I told him I wanted to get his sugar.
"Guga," he agreed.

I did wash the dogs. They were filthy and they desperately need to go to the groomer but I couldn't possibly take them to see Miss Beverly in that condition. Like cleaning the house before the maid gets there. Or at least, I imagine that's what it's like.
The shampoo I bought them smells so good I'm thinking about using it myself. My whole bathroom still smells lovely and flowery. The dogs still stink but that's because they're ancient.
I even heated up the bathroom for them before I washed them. Turned on the space heater and let it get nice and toasty in there so they wouldn't get a chill and...WAIT A MINUTE! WHAT WAS I THINKING? 

I picked up something off the floor of my bedroom this afternoon. It was a ball of dust with something in the middle.
A dried up frog.
I threw him outside. Maybe he rehydrated in the rain. I'm certain he did not come back to life.

I was thinking I'd go to Monticello tonight and see Arsenic And Old Lace. I mean, how good do you have to feel to sit in a seat and watch a play? I even made cookies to take to the cast and crew. Dark chocolate, white chocolate, pecan, raisin, oatmeal cookies. No. I'm not kidding.
I'm not going to Monticello.
I have heartburn. Probably from eating cookie dough.

I actually spent some time looking for people I used to know on Facebook today. Hey! You've done that. I know you have. I discovered that the only man who ever hit me (once, and then that was it for him and me) studied theology at Notre Dame. I find this hysterical. He was an LSD-taking rich kid when I knew him. With anger issues. He seems to have a lot of kids now but no wife.

I miss my husband. I don't think he misses me in the least until it's time to go find himself some supper. He sent me a video he took from the deer blind. There were a lot of teeny-tiny deer in it. I'm pretty sure they weren't that tiny in all actuality. Just far away. I'm glad my husband doesn't have anger issues. He has hunting issues but I can live with that. Plus- venison!

As you can see, we had an incredible sunset in Lloyd tonight. It was practically psychedelic.  The picture above is the street heading east from my driveway. I'm not certain but I think that may be the only traffic light in Jefferson County. It's a flashing light, not a stop light.

That's mistletoe up there in the naked branches of a pecan tree. Those big clumps. Mistletoe. So if you need an excuse to kiss someone, you know where to come.

The picture of the church up there is the one next door to me. The Holy Ghost Revival Center. Have you ever seen a tidier, neater church this side of New England? It's the most well-tended, up-kept church in this whole entire area and honey, there are a shit ton of churches in this area. I'll bet there's a dozen churches within a five-mile radius of me. At least. But the Holy Ghost Revival Center is without a doubt the best kept. I'd be willing to bet they have the best music too. They're good neighbors.

That's all the pictures I have and pretty much all I have to say as well. I think it's quit raining but dripping-off-leaves is still going on. Honestly, I'm pretty lonely. Not lonely enough to take a shower and drive to Monticello. I just...can't. I can't explain it but I can't. It's like- it's one thing to be lonely if you're alone. It's another entirely to feel lonely if you're in a crowd. And I think I'd feel lonely at the Opera House. I'm probably fooling myself but it's how I feel.

I don't have anything cosmic or profound to say tonight. I hope that's okay.

It's gonna have to be.
What the hell am I going to do with all these cookies?

Have a good Friday night.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. And I was just lamenting my lack of cookies.

  2. Mr. Downtown- We need to get together tomorrow. I have soup. I have venison. I have greens. I have cookies. Etc.
    Love you, baby.

  3. You have a good Friday night too, and weekend as well. Enjoyed your pictures. Nice seeing the sun as it has disappeared on us and we might not see it for a few days. Hope you get to go to Monticello and see the play. Take care Ms. Moon.

  4. You made me laugh out loud with the heartburn from cookie dough. Not sure why but that cracked me up. And the not going to Monticello after all thing - well, I get it.

  5. I have a lot to catch up on obviously. Four days w/o checking blogs has caught up with me. The sunset was spectacular here too.

  6. This is full of so many things; I have so many questions. The frog. Is that common? A frog comes inside (?), hangs out, and dries up? I wish there were a picture.

    And the cookies. You made the cookies but didn't go? I do that kind of thing SO often. I knit a hat to give to someone, and I plan to wear it just once, to see if it works. And I either lose it, or it just seems too used to give away.

    I wish you were going to Mexico.


  7. I'm also wondering about that frog. It's surprising that one of the boys or dogs didn't come upon it before you did. Mysteries of life. Your idea of rehydration in the rain made me think about that memorable scene in "Magnolia" – have you seen that movie? So strange.
    I hear you about not wanting to go anywhere, even when you really sorta do.

  8. Those are some gorgeous sunset pictures. I can't imagine not knowing what to do with all those cookies. But I guess you had enough sugar brim Gibson and the coolie dough. A care package or two would be nice, for someone. Sweet Jo

  9. I think it's perfectly reasonable to need the evening off if you've spent the day making cookies!

    That church is really cute. When you said it was a revival center I pictured some awful modern building made of aluminum sheet metal, which is what revival centers look like in Pasco County. (Pretty much what everything looks like in Pasco County.)

  10. Christmas is right around the corner, freeze those cookies for company. Or make a pot of tea and I'll be on the next flight out of here.
    I thought of you last night. My husband wanted to go out for dinner and I would have preferred to sit at home in my jammies eating crackers, but instead cleaned up and went. It was a lovely dinner.
    I know the lonely/alone thing all too well.

  11. Mr. Shife- You take care too. Thanks for stopping by.

    Jill- I'm glad you laughed. I am happy to make people laugh. Always.

    Syd- You sweet thing. You don't HAVE to comment on every post. I swear.

    Betsy- Little tiny tree frogs. They do come in the house. They end up dead. And dried up covered in dust. It's sad.
    I, too, wish I was going to Mexico.

    Sylvia- I am a going-out loser. I swear.
    Yes. I've seen Magnolia. It baffled me.

    Sweet Jo- Arrgghhh! Too many cookies!

    Steve Reed- It was a Methodist church and severely underused. Now it's a Revival Center and being taken care of quite nicely.

    heartinhand- I am going to try and make myself go out tonight. I will hand over the cookies then. In theory.

  12. That is quite a sky. Gorgeous. Nice to tour your neighborhood tonight.

  13. Mistletoe! Pecan tree!
    You live in a whole other world from mine, containing things we here can only import.

  14. Those photographs are absolutely gorgeous. I miss those dramatic Fl skies! I understand completely not wanting to go out. The whole lonely in a crowd thing. So don't. Don't eat all the cookies. Leave them on the Church porch.
    ps reading anything good lately? I just finished one that was so fun and lovely I have to recommend it to you because you are both those things. Cinnamon and Gunpowder by Eli Brown.

  15. Put them in the freezer and keep them for the dreaded festive season?

  16. I am SO SORRY about the cookie dough! It's all my fault! Of course, if I had been there you wouldn't have all that many cookies anyway since I would have eaten all the dough...

    Gorgeous sunset - thank you for sharing it with us!

  17. a day late....or more, but what the heck! Hope your bounty of beautiful *extra* cookies go with you to Monticello tonight and I must say your sunset photos of last night would have made Maxfield Parrish proud! Stunning! thank you for sharing your life and thoughts every single make MY day every day
    Susan M

  18. Stubblejumpin Gal- The squirrels eat all the pecans and how much mistletoe does one actually need?

    Ms. Yo- Hard to beat the Florida skies for pastel drama. I will write that book down! I will find it! Thank-you!

    Jo- They got distributed.

    The Bug- Yes. It was your fault. I forgive you. Many benefited so it's all right.

    Susan M- Well, thank you, honey. Thanks for telling me that.


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