Monday, November 11, 2013

Not A Veteran's Day Post

Well, everyone's posting about Veteran's Day and I don't think any of my immediate forefathers fought in wars. I could be wrong. My father was in the Army which is why I was born in a quonset hut in El Paso, Texas but I'm pretty sure he didn't fight in any wars. My grandfather on my mother's side lost all of his fingers on his left hand in a saw accident when he was young so he didn't go to war.
I had a great-great-great-whatever grandfather who was a General in the Civil War (Confederate Army, that would be) but I'm not so sure I'm real excited about that. My brother who lives out in Washington state would be the one to ask about all of this as he knows far more family history than I do.
I know that my husband's father fought in WW II but he never talked about it until right before he died and they were not good memories.
Fuck war.
I'm sorry anyone ever in the history of the world had to participate in any wars and I'm still and eternally waiting for humankind to beat their swords into plowshares which is one of my favorite lines in the Bible.
I'm not holding my breath, though.

I'm obviously not any damn good at Veteran's Day tributes.

And there's a lot more I could say but I won't and instead, I'll just tell you that it's beautiful here today and clear as a bell and nice and cool and I'm going to go take a walk. I dreamed I was pregnant last night and in my dream I thought now how the hell did THAT happen? I was neither too upset nor too excited but just figured I'd let things proceed as they would and mostly I believe I was just happy to have an excuse not to have to try and hold my stomach in.

Done your Christmas shopping yet? I hear there are some great Veteran's Day sales going on.

Life is confusing.
To me at least.

Let's chat later.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. I think most people who go around waving the flag with their 'I support the troops' bumper sticker are just giving lip service to make themselves feel good. they have no idea what it takes to actually 'support the troops'. you know, cause then they would have to support mental health services, food assistance, jobs bill, and help for the homeless.

  2. "...mostly I believe I was just happy to have an excuse not to have to try and hold my stomach in"
    Thanks for the belly laugh, Ms. Moon!

  3. I'm with sylvia --

    And I hate Veteran's Day.

  4. I hate Christmas. (Ferociously muting all the Christmas telly adverts) we are not having Christmas this year we are going FULL CHARLES DICKENS.

  5. God, it would be nice to not have to hold in my stomach.

  6. I admire and respect all veterans, but have none alive or passed from either side of my family. (That i know of.) So there's that. I think it's kind of a sad holiday. So on to happier things, at least for me. Have a good evening, Mary.

  7. I had a lot of ancestors in wars. Some came home and some didn't. I really wish that there were no more wars.

  8. We are not a military family, either. I think the Civil War was the last conflict any of my direct ancestors fought in. We missed the two big ones partly because one grandfather was a military research scientist -- he was a civilian but he worked for the Navy. So I guess maybe that counts.

  9. Ellen Abbott- Sadly, you are exactly right. "I support our troops" is about the cheapest, most meaningless thing you can possibly say.

    Sylvia- You are welcome.

    Elizabeth- You are my hating-Veteran's Day sister.

    Madame Rebecca- I hate Christmas with the burning heat of the surface of the sun.

    Birdie- Right?

    Mary- My evening did not end in bloodshed and as such, it was okay.

    Syd- Me too, honey. Me too.

    Denise- A perfect day for that activity.
    As are all of our days, in some way.

    Steve Reed- I'm pretty sure that counts.


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