Saturday, November 9, 2013

How It's Going

Gibson riding the rails. That's a carrot in his hand. And on his face`.

Owen telling Boppy stuff. 

Lily and Jason having a good time being childless for an evening. 
Aren't they gorgeous?

Right now Owen and Boppy are making a fire to cook dinner on. Gibson is helping me write this. 

And that'll do for now. 



  1. Love, love love these pictures. And yes, they are gorgeous. Radiant. Shiny.

    Thanks for sharing all those smiles.

  2. These are the sweetest of pictures. Owen telling Boppy stuff is melting my heart. And Gibson's expressions give me a giggle every time lately. He's really becoming a little man with those eyebrows!

  3. That can't be Gibson. He was just born, like, last month. Oh and I love Owen's age. He's growing up fast though. They all do, grow up fast.

  4. You are all Beautiful. x0x0 N2

  5. You and your whole family are gorgeous. If I did not love you, I'd hate you with envy. Those boys are pure joy and these pictures you share capture it all. Sweet Jo

  6. I love the photo of the boy with his grandpa. No words needed.

  7. Truly amazing evidence of beautiful memories being made here. The boy and his boppy on the train tracks, wow.

  8. Really nice photos. So glad that Boppy and Gibson enjoy talking.


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