Saturday, November 16, 2013

Running About Very Slowly

It's been a fine day and I had lunch with Liz (not Lis) and Hank and Kati and got to see my still fevery, snuffly boys and held Gibson on my lap and showed him pictures and kissed him and kissed him and kissed him. Owen showed me his new Spider Man and told me stories about the adventures Spider Man has with The Hulk and his mind is so busy. Always, always.

I came home and took a short nap and now I'm going to get dressed and go to Monticello. Yes, I am really doing it tonight. I am going. I am determined and it will be fine. The funny thing is is that I am going back there tomorrow night for another event and I'll talk about that in the morning.

Anyway, here I am. And look what I found today.

It was not unlike the prospect of me going out tonight- a small miracle.

Be well and I shall be too.


  1. Why is that eggs are so damn beautiful?

  2. Mr. Downtown- Not exactly a surplus but I'm thrilled.

    Jo- My god. I know.

    Ellen Abbott- Sometimes. Yes. Other times, NO!

    Elizabeth- They are perfect in form and in function. That's why.

  3. Something strange that you haven't seen in a while--eggs!

  4. Syd- No kidding! I found another one this morning.


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