Saturday, August 22, 2009

Here Today, Gone Tomorrow

Thursday they were here, my lady spider and her man.
Saturday they were gone, the web in strings and shreds.
Where do they go? Are they dead?
All I know is that by next July, their babies will be back, and another spider will be the queen of the porch.
Otherwise, it's all a mystery.


  1. You made me think of Charlotte, and I do adore Charlotte. In fact, that name was on my short list for my first baby. If it weren't for Atticus, she would be my literary hero.

  2. I thought of Charlotte to and how she slipped away.

    Wonderful photo, Ms. Moon!

  3. I wonder where they go, too.

  4. No more pictures, then. I'm looking forward to July already.

  5. Oh, Ms. Moon! Is it nice and cool this morning in Lloyd? It is so fabulous here! I hope you're enjoying it, too.

  6. Hi, I'm back.
    Glad I didn't miss the baby's birth.
    How's the chicken situation? Any new additions to the flock, and more importantly, when are those girls going to start producing egg??? I'm waiting for some good quiche recipes - I know you must have them!!!

  7. They move into your shoes for the winter.

  8. Windy- See the update on the new post for news about my unnamed spider. I suppose I should just call her Queen S.

    Elizabeth- Ditto.

    Joy- I think Juancho answered that question for us.

    Mwa- Be still your heart. There are more.

    Ms. Windy- Isn't it beautiful?

    Ms. Lucy- Glad you're home! Quiche recipes? Hmmmm...

    Juancho- I always feel especially honored when you comment. I think though, that it's the scorpions who live in our shoes in the winter.

  9. On my walk the other night, Taylor and I stood and watched a spider spin her web down near Leon High. That little critter had guidelines running from tall grass all the way up to the power lines. No lie, we were blown away.


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